Do Not Try to Please People, Please God

I speak to you this day and I say that it is important that My people stay attentive to Spirit instructions. Know that as you obey the commands of My Holy Spirit, you are uplifted and guided. I want My people to know that they are kept by My power and instructed in the truth each day. My people are intended to be obedient and follow in the pattern of My Son, Jesus Christ. As they do so, then they are well pleasing unto Me and kept in the purpose that I have for them.

I do not want My people to be overly concerned with the opinions of people, whereby they become compromising in order to gain the approval of others. My people are meant to walk circumspectly and keep themselves so they are not defiled by the world. The first commitment they are meant to have is to Me as the One they serve.

Whenever My people turn to gain the approval of people, they become doubleminded and likewise unstable. This is because they are trying to serve two masters, and the same will bring them confusion. They are no longer faithful but have become faithless because they have resorted to carnal approval rather than My approval.

I do not call My people to be confused and putting forth their confusion to others. I call them to be single in their vision unto Me. Therefore, do not allow yourselves to be overly concerned with the opinions of men, for such opinions are subject to change, which means in essence that one day men will speak well of you, and the next day they are speaking evil against you. To base your life on such opinions is to literally give up that which is precious to take up that which is vile.

It is foolishness to live in the realm of worry and concern of what others may think of your relationship unto Me. You are not meant to be so stupid as to be worrying about how you appear in the opinions of others. You are not in a political race, nor are you attempting to secure a particular role in a movie. You are meant to be pleasing Me, for I am the One who is indeed well able, and who will uplift you and bring you forth at all times.

Therefore, each day when you arise, let it be Me that you keep your eyes upon, and let it be Me that you are pleasing. As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, know that the enemies cannot withhold you from Me even though they try. This is because I am ever available to My people and I hear them when they call out to Me.

Be thankful this day that you can serve Me with gladness and rejoicing and do not have to dwell in sadness and hopeless despair. When it is Me that you look to in faith, it is Me who guides you forth and who gives to what you have need of. Know that you are not alone in this cruel world, for My Holy Spirit is ever with you and He does guide you and direct you in the clarity that I have intended for the ones who are keeping themselves ever subject to Me. My peace is provided for you that you can come forth in the same each day.

When you take a good look at the confusion that the multitudes are in, be thankful for the clarity that you are given each day in and through Me. I do not take you in the way of the foolish; I lead you forth in the way of the wise, and you are given divine wisdom as you desire the same. In fact, you are through My Spirit guided in My wisdom, knowledge and understanding, that you can have eyes to see and ears to hear the divine.

Most people you will meet on earth are blind and totally unable to hear Me when I speak to them. Because of this disability, they are led down the road to their own destruction. However, they are the ones who choose the carnal above the spiritual, and consequently are taken into the captivity that belongs to them because of their choices against Me.

I never intended that you would choose in opposition to Me. I have intended that you would choose in cooperation with the mind of My Spirit. Therefore, keep single in your choices, that is, in accordance with Me and not in the realm of carnality. I do not want you to be kept in darkness; I want you to be ever directed in the marvelous light that I give to you, and to be uplifted in the realms of glory that are intended for you to walk by and to live in.

Keep this in mind as you make choices, that you are not to be bound by the cruel cares of this life. You are meant to soar in the realms of My Spirit and to keep yourselves ever actively involved in all that I give to you. Thank Me this day for the purposes that I have intended for you, and as you do, you will see how important those purposes really are.

So many start out to dedicate themselves to Me, then they turn aside and allow themselves to be absorbed in the cruel cares that take them away from Me. So many end in the heap of the hopeless because of their choices for the carnal rather than the spiritual life that I have in preparation for them.

Do not think that you are to be subject to the lower purposes. You are not. You are meant to be subject to the high calling that I have for you, and by the same you can rejoice. When you remain under the mind of My Holy Spirit, you will not live in darkness. Rather, you are guided in the light that is given by Me. Therefore, be ever attentive and aggressively active for the kingdom wherein I dwell.

Remember you are called to come to that kingdom, for the same will be your eternal abode. Be all the more glad that you can serve Me with all that is within you, and give Me praise and thanks.