Use Inherited Authority to Cast Out Demons

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Be glad that you have been given as your inheritance in Jesus Christ the authority that is intended for you to walk by. Because Jesus paid the ultimate price for your salvation, you are expected to walk in the authority that has been left by Him for His true followers to use.

You are not expected to abuse that authority by doing evil in My sight. Many have neglected that authority or failed to use it, then believed that all of the miracles have passed away and that there are no more miracles to be had. Be thankful that you can partake of all that is intended and be brought forth ever seeing the authority that has been given to you through Jesus Christ.

I do not call you to be subject to demonic powers; I intend you to be taking authority over the same, for you have the power to overcome and prevail. Do not be quick to be yielded to the emptiness and the futility that is the consequence of giving in to demonic powers and believing that they have power they do not really have.

Consider that demons are pretenders and schemers, and they will cause you many sorrows if you accept their lies as being true. You are not meant to entertain demons by listening to them; you are to refute, refuse and rebuke such demonic powers. Be thankful that you do not have to listen to the lies that the enemies spew forth. Rather, you can be strong in the power, the strength, the authority that has been given to you as you are subjecting yourselves to My continual authority over you.

The more that you are subjecting yourselves to My authority, the more authority you will have over people, places and things. As My people, know that you are not meant to be bowing to demon powers; you are meant to be bowing to Me as the infinite, the endless, the One True God whose power and glory remain ever available to you.

Be glad even this day that you have been given the new life that is available through My Spirit’s directives to you. Know that the enemy spirits hate you because you have been given the authority to cast them out, and they must obey because the authority is of Me. Be glad even now that you do not have to be ever vexed, tormented and devoured by demons. Instead, you can easily resist, refuse and rebuke every spirit that would come against you. Know that you are meant to use the authority that is given to you, and in so doing, you find that no power that is against you shall prosper, because I am greater than all forces of devilish invention.

When authority is shown forth, the expectation of demons dissipates, and they are rendered helpless and useless and begging for mercy. Be forewarned that no weapon that is formed against you shall ever prosper, because I am ever present. I do not want you to be subject to any other power source because you are trusting in the same. Those who are trusting in the demon powers are trusting in lies and deceptions rather than the truth that I give forth.

Do not be listening to demons, for their lies are not intended for you. There are no powers that are equal to Me, for I am the Most High God, and My power is far above all other powers. Be glad that I have given to you divine power, and you are expected to use that power. Therefore, do not hesitate, nor be fearful of casting out demons and praying for the sick. Likewise, do not give yourselves to the liar that you do not fulfill the commission that I have given to you.

Jesus told His disciples to go forth into all nations and preach the gospel. Be thankful that I am the One True God who desires you to come forth uplifted in the power and the glory that are of Me. There are many things that men do and imagine that in such they are fine. They are not fine; they are devastated by the demonic deceptions that they have given themselves unto. Remember, the everyday choices that people make are of intense importance, in the sense that they must continue to choose Me and walk My way if they want to remain as co-laborers.

In the world, when people stop doing the job they were hired for, most likely they will be reprimanded by their employer. If that does not work, they will be fired for their laziness and lack of obedience. When you feel yourself slipping and are reprimanded, receive the correction that you can continue to fulfill the great commission.

You are meant to complete the mission that you have, inasmuch as Jesus is your pattern and He did what He was supposed to do, and in such He brought forth much fruit. When you see the conditions that men and women are in during these times, be glad that you can remain in a sound mind as you are following hard after Me and being shown My tender mercies each day.

Know that the multitudes are being daily tormented by demon spirits, and many people are having their minds eroded by the demons that assail them each day. Be glad that you are being directed, guided, and given My light upon your path each day, and that as you walk in the light, that which is darkness is revealed and is meant to be cast out and driven far away.

Be thankful for the abundance of light given to you. Do not ever shun the light, for in it you are guided and given authority over demons to drive them out.