Treasures That Cannot Be Stolen

My people, I speak to you this day and I say: Do not ever doubt who I am, for it is Me the Living God who is far above all principalities and powers. Know for a surety that when you call upon Me through the name of My Son Jesus, I hear and answer.

There are many wicked spirits that are in this world, but I do not intend that you would be subject to them. It is My intention that My people would ever be subject to Me as their Maker and their God.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because I am the invincible, the everlasting, the One most powerful God. Although the wicked will arise against you and attempt to overwhelm and overtake you, know that I remain as your high tower of strength and safety.

Therefore, know that through Me you are being kept in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation, and that you are meant to be the salt and the light to the same. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep clear in your focus, ever upon Me, for I am the One who ever rules.

You are not intended to be partakers of the unclean and perverse wickedness that is so prevalent in these times. Those who claim to be Mine, yet are giving themselves to the wickedness of this present world, are indeed a shame unto Me. This is because they have chosen iniquity above righteousness, and uncleanness above the purity that I provide. Those who choose to be spotted and defiled are not counted worthy, because their choices are for sin and the degradations of the same.

Repeatedly throughout the history of My people, they chose to wax bold in iniquity and likewise succumb to the temptations that were ever present in the heathen who were round about them. So it is even now. My people can easily succumb to the temptations of the world that are all around them, or they can literally be a holy tribal nation unto Me by their choices.

My people, when they were ancient Israel, suffered repeatedly because they chose to go a whoring from Me. Tempted as they were by the heathen round about, they shamefully committed abominations by their choices for the ways of the heathen. By their own choices, they were taken repeatedly into captivity and bondage and unable to escape the same. Why they wanted darkness is obvious. They went a whoring in their hearts and their actions.

Be thankful to Me that you do not have to go a whoring in your hearts, but you can stay true and clean in your hearts by obedience to the directions you receive through My Holy Spirit. My Spirit is given to you that you can adhere to Me as the Spirit directs, instructs, and guides you forth day by day. Thank Me even now that I am the ever available source to you, and that you are indeed ever being purposed by Me to bear much fruit and be found well pleasing.

Do not veer afar off from Me, but come forth ever rejoicing. Look not to the world in expectation; let Me the Living God be your expectation and your hope, for I am desiring you to come forth ever made glad to be in the power, strength and glory that I provide to you repeatedly. By Me you can walk uprightly and be ever kept, directed and guided.

Therefore, do not let the enemies convince you that I am not present in the midst of you. Not only am I present, but I am available to give you all that you need as My people. Just as I provide for My creation, remember that you too are My created, and that I give to you all that you need each day in order to do My will.

I desire that My people be separated, dedicated and consecrated unto Me, for I am the ever available God, who delights in My people who obey Me and are thankful each day. Serve with the attitude of gratitude. Do not begrudge Me, nor complain against Me, for I am ever present to you. It is My goodness that is with you each day, and My blessings are upon you, and you can be knowing that My love is ever present and that you are privileged.

When you look at the conditions that so many are in, do not despise My chastening hand. Those who reject correction are in hopeless despair and are far from Me. Be thankful to realize the infinite mercies that have been given to you, and that you, as true sons and daughters, have not outgrown the need for correction and instruction. Therefore, when you are corrected, realize that it is My love for you being manifest and that you are indeed privileged to receive of that love and to walk in the same, renewed, uplifted and enabled to rejoice always.

Know that I chasten and correct those whom I love, and that those who will receive the chastening are the ones who will prove to be useful in My kingdom. Do not isolate yourselves from Me, but come forth in Me, each day made glad and thankful to be redeemed and brought forth.

Those who have abandoned My way and gone a whoring after vanity will pay for their transgressions in this life and in the hereafter. Those who believe that the riches of this world are their treasure will howl in desolation when they stand before Me, for their treasures are empty and worth nothing.

Thank Me that you can labor for the kingdom that remains, and be made glad to be My people. When your term in this earth is finished, be bold to stand before Me, for you have done as I required and desired of you. By right choices, you have gained eternal treasures. Thank Me that your treasures in Me no one can steal from you.