Don’t Give Way to Gossip and Backbiting

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Guard your tongues that you do not release them to evil. Know that the enemies hate unity among My people. The enemies are the devil’s forces, and they are ever seeking to undermine Mine and bring them to bitter disputations among themselves. Do not be a partaker of their schemes by giving way to the seeds of division which they seek to sow among those who are Mine.

Give Me thanks and praise this day, that you can be uplifted, brought forth, and ever guided by My Spirit in the way that I have intended for you to walk in. It is My intention that My people would encourage and admonish one another, uniting with one another in love. Be thankful that you can indeed live in such a way, for it is My way, and My way is perfect.

I do not find pleasure in those who give way to gossip and make the same their continual habit. My people are not meant to be gossiping; they are meant to be continuing in the way that I give to them, being thankful that they are redeemed from the penalty of their sins. Those who are yielding to continual gossiping are yielding to the scheme of the devil, and in the same they will be overwhelmed.

Be thankful that you have been given the opportunity to be redeemed from the dreadful penalty of your sins. In the attitude of gratitude, seek to walk in My way and not the way of fools. It is the foolish who turn aside and go after the folly and the foolery of their own way. When any is yielding to gossip and undermining, they are assuming themselves to be superior to their brothers and sisters in Me.

Be aware that all parts of the body are needful for My purposes. While one may rise up in pride and declare another to be unnecessary, they make judgments that are wrong, because they are making assumptions according to pride rather than righteousness. Do not be walking in pride and self-centered assumptions that undermine others. Instead, be glad that through Me you are given light on your path and the peace that I provide for you each day. Seek to maintain unity in the new family that I have given you.

Be glad that through My way you can learn how to live in the values that are in operation in My house, in heaven. Realize that you are not meant to continue in the ugliness of the world; you are meant to come forth in the higher way that I provide. Do not be weak minded and accepting of every undermining that the enemies would hurl at you to weaken your relationship with Me. When any gives way to backbiting and devouring with their tongues, they are giving way to death and damnation to themselves.

Do not be as those who yield to the evil of their own imaginations about others. Be encouraging and undergirding others in My way, and live in the same yourselves. When people are seeing themselves in some imagination as to their own superiority, they are operating in pride. I do not call you to pride; I call you to humble yourselves and be subject to Me as the One who cares for you.

Thank Me that you have been brought into the higher kingdom and that you do not have to be shackled by your own carnality. Do not rely on the carnal mind’s evaluation of you. Rely on the realization that your carnal mind is the enemy of My purpose. Therefore, you need to rely on the mind of My Spirit, which is truth. Thank Me this day that My Spirit is ever present to guide you in the way of true righteousness and the holiness I desire in My people. It is by Me that you are ever guided, purposed, and given the blessedness of who I am.

Realize that your tongues, if fueled by pride, can cause much damage and hurt to others. Therefore, do not release your tongues to demonic inspiration. Release yourselves to My Spirit. When you feel the urge to gossip, begin to give thanks and praise unto Me, and do not yield your tongues to gossip. If you are purposing yourselves for My intentions, then you are uplifted and brought forth as I will bring you forth.

Be glad even now that you do not need to walk afar off from Me, inasmuch as you can come forth in Me, ever uplifted in the power of My presence. There are choices to be made every day, and in those choices, consider what it is that you are meant to do and to be as a new creation in My kingdom.

You are not intended to be ever releasing yourselves to the way that will bring harm to others who are your fellow believers, nor are you to be constantly attempting to prove that you are the greatest. You are not. You are intended to be ever reliant upon Me, for I am the source of strength to you that never fails. All of those who desire to please Me will be uplifted, guided, and brought forth rejoicing. This is because when you are doing My will rather than your own, My joy is ever present to fill you.

Do not allow pride to warp your vision, nor your understanding. Instead, aim to live in the way that is superior and to come forth in that way. There are many who have chosen the way of death by allowing pride to enter in and overtake them. Realize that if you esteem others as being superior, then you are enabled to come forth, made glad for My mercies to you. That is, you will prefer to please Me and encourage rather than discourage others.

Be alert to the enemy tactics and do not succumb to the same. Keep aggressively active in My purposes and plans for you, and give Me thanks and praise.