Triumphant, Not Trampled

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Know that I intend that you would triumph over all the forces of evil that would attempt to destroy you and bring you to naught. It is not My intention that My people be destroyed, and, as you know, throughout the ages, a remnant have always been spared and enabled to come forth triumphant because of My strength upon them.

Do not allow the enemies to overwhelm you by their bombardments aimed at your minds and your bodies. Know that I am the One who is your strength and your safety; you can run into Me and you are kept. I am indeed the high tower of strength and safety to the ones who are reliant and dependent upon Me.

Be glad that I am your refuge, your strength, and the mercy that is provided. Do not be quick to turn aside to the world when pressures are upon you. Rather, run into Me and know that through Me you are kept. You have been given My Holy Spirit to uplift, to guide and direct you in the newness of life that I alone do give to all who desire Me.

Therefore, look to be triumphant, not trampled, nor continually berated and beaten down. There are times and seasons when persecutions will arise and seek to take you down and devastate your faith in Me. However, when those persecutions come your way, do not give way to unbelief, doubt and fear. Instead, use the spiritual armor that you have been given, and rebuke, refute and refuse to be overtaken and overwhelmed by such forces of iniquity. Be thankful that through Me you are shown the light upon the path, and you are given the goodness that I alone do provide for you each day.

Do not give in to the treachery that is aimed against you. Instead, be uplifted and thankful that you are not devoured nor destroyed. As you take a look around and see the multitudes who are in hopeless despair, be glad that you do not need to live in such a mindset. Instead, you can be ever guided, directed and uplifted in the purpose, the power and the plan that I have for you to walk in day by day.

It is Me who has given to you, through My Son Jesus, pardon for the sins that you have been guilty of. Therefore, do not return to those sins and be overwhelmed in the same. Be glad even now that I am the ultimate purpose for your being, and that as you are cleaving to Me, so are you being kept to fulfill My purpose and plan for you.

Do not grow weary in your journey and give up to the hopelessness that is all around. Rather, as you are wearied, call out to Me, and I will give you rest from your labors. Be thankful that you do not need to be entangled in the darkness that is ever present, but you can be uplifted and guided in My light.

Many are the sorrows of those who turn aside from Me and go in the way of fools. No matter the reason for dropping out of the race, you do not reign triumphant if you do not finish the course that has been set for you to run and walk in. Be glad even this day that you are not meant to be taken down; you are meant to be triumphant and daily gaining the ground that I have for you. As is often known, multitudes turn to the darkness and evil of this world, and by the same they are devoured.

Walk in the divine wisdom that I give to you, and know that in Me you will have life, and that in great abundance. My Spirit will guide you in the straight and narrow way, and warn you of impending dangers so that you are not taken unawares. My Spirit is not sent to guide you out of all troubles, but rather to guide you through those times when troubles are on every hand.

Those who continually look to Me know that I am their source and their resource. They likewise do not have their expectations in the world, for they realize that the same is the sentence of death and damnation. Do not by any means let demons convince you that the world has something to offer. It does not. The world is full of darkness and death, and is literally ruled by the devil and his demonic forces.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are privileged to be redeemed from the greedy clutches of the wicked one. Be thankful that you are brought forth in the newness of life that has been given to you through Jesus Christ your Savior. Know that you are lifted up each day and protected by the blood of Jesus and the angelic hosts that are ever present to keep you in all of the ways that you are being led by My Spirit.

Do not let the times defeat you. Rather, be glad each day that I give you My times and My seasons, and in all of those are found My reasons. My shaping of you is not as you would choose, but as I would see is necessary and essential to your growth and development in Me as your Maker, your Creator, your God.

Remember it is Me who gave you life when you were conceived, and it is Me who guided you forth in the way that I intend, and it is Me who desired you to be brought into My fold. When you responded to the Holy Spirit’s conviction of your sins and repented unto My Son and were born again, I and the divine family all rejoiced. So it is, that you are loved and prayed for each day. Therefore, do not look at your life as though it is over. Look at your life as remaining in Me, as you are on the pathway of eternal life.

When you have suffered for your identity with Me, know that the same causes you to triumph and to be ever uplifted and guided forth in the victorious way that is given by Me, triumphant and victorious in Me!