God Provides, Protects and Vindicates

My people, let it be Me that you look to continually, for I am the One who is ever available to you. Therefore, let it be Me that you give thanks and praise unto, because you do not lack for any good thing. It is Me who is your provider, your protector, and your vindicator. Trust that I will provide, protect, and vindicate for you at all times.

There are many who lose hope if they undergo persecution, then they turn aside from My way and return to the way of death and damnation. These ones are dumb, for they are choosing to estrange themselves from the very life that has been given unto them. As becomes obvious, they are not worthy of the sacrifice that My Son Jesus gave for them to have their sins forgiven. Like pigs, they return to wallow in the filth they came from.

Thank Me this day that you do not have to live in such a way. Rather, you can live in the newness of life that has been given to you through My Son Jesus. Know that it is We who care for you, above and beyond all other attachments you might have in the flesh. Many have made flesh their arm, that is, they have used family as their justification for not abandoning themselves to My purpose for them. While they imagine that they are all right, it is not true, for they are living in the pursuit of the world rather than pleasing Me.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for I am the One who has given to you My Holy Spirit who dwells with you and in you. You are not left to wander and end in hopeless despair. You are called to give your all to Me, for I am indeed the One who remains with you always and desires you to fulfill the purpose for which you were created by Me and given life.

Know that I do not close My ears nor My eyes. All of those who have sought to put you to shame and destroy you, will meet with My vindication on them, for I do repay. Thank Me that you can trust Me to do such in My timing. When I do so, then you may look for the wicked, but they will be no more, because I the Living God have given to them their just rewards. It is true that I give to each one according to their doings. The evil will receive exactly what they have done to others multiplied. Therefore, do not waste your time in revenge, for vengeance belongs to Me, and I do repay.

Thank Me this day that you do not need to be swept away in the waves of doubt, fear, unbelief and hopeless despair that are sweeping across the land. Instead, you can keep your focus upon Me and walk in the faith and hope that are available in Me. As you keep single in your focus, so will you be kept in the promises that I give to you. All of My promises are true, and are given that you can know that I am the One who is able to fulfill the promises I have made to the faithful.

Therefore, resist the temptation to doubt Me. Instead, remain truly believing and knowing that I am ever with you at all times. As you are hoping and believing in Me, so do you see repeatedly My miracles, My mercies and My goodness revealed. I delight to give good things to My people and to reveal to them the depths of My love and care for them.

Do not hesitate to give honor and glory to Me, for I am the God of righteousness and My mercies are for all who trust and believe in Me. As you are ever present and looking to Me, so are you kept. I do not withhold any good thing from all who are trusting that I am forever with them and that I do not withhold My goodness at all.

As My people, you are meant to be living testimonies as to the better way that is provided when you are living for Me. Do not weary yourselves in the ways that are of the world. Give yourselves over to Me as the Most High God, and know that I am the One who desires to shower you with the blessings that come only from Me.

Be thankful that you are not under the rains of My wrath, fury and indignation that are beating on the worldly wicked in these times. Rather, you are under the gentle mercies that I give to you, for there is no good thing that I withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Stop and ponder the tragedies that you often hear of, and the anguish of those who do not know Me. Then be all the more thankful for My Son Jesus, who has given to you the privilege of redemption and restoration to My way. Know that My way is the only way that leads to eternal life.

While the world is forever enticing the dumb into the broad way, such enticements only lead to heartbreak and sorrow. You are not called to the heartbreak and sorrow; you are called to be rejoicing and giving thanks. It is a good thing to keep your eyes, hearts and minds stayed on Me.

Be alerted to the reality of the wicked who are the devil’s workers. They are forever prowling as hungry lions, looking for people to pounce on and destroy. Know that such as these will use any means to entice people away from My way and into the broad way so that they can devour such people. You are not meant to become victims of the wicked one; you are meant to be victorious through Me.

Do not weary in well doing; continue as a steadfast people who are ever rejoicing that I am with them. As you receive divine instruction, so are you ever guided, directed and instructed by Me. Thank Me this day that you do not need to follow the instructions and commands of demons. Rather, you can receive and obey the divine commands given.