Remain Real

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Remain real in your relationship with Me, that is, do not give way to pretension and hypocrisy. There are many who start out with zeal, because they know that their conversion experience with Jesus My Son is real. Sad to say, there are many who turn aside and take up their old ways, only to become worse than they were before. When this happens, they oftentimes will deny that I am, and even turn to become My enemies, because they love their sins.

It is intended by Me that My people would choose to be faithful unto Me all of their days, not looking only for what they can gain, but instead being concerned that they are pleasing unto Me. I know full well how My people should be directed, and I have sent My Holy Spirit to them to guide them in My way. When they are attentive to My Spirit’s guidance, then they are able to receive and achieve what they are purposed for.

Each day, it is a good thing to reaffirm your desire for Me and My kingdom purpose for your lives. Do not spend your days void of prayer and the giving of thanks unto Me. Instead, be all the more eager to give yourselves over to Me and to rejoice that I purpose you in a plain path and give you abundance of peace.

I have not purposed My people to pretension and hypocrisy, and thereby giving the wrong example of My kingdom to the dying multitudes who are captives of sin. It is My intention that My people remain real in their relationship to Me, that sinners will look on and see that there is a better way for them to turn to.

Jesus My Son has been given as the pattern for those who are redeemed to follow after. My people are not meant to look to the world and pattern themselves after those of the world. My people are intended to pattern themselves after Jesus and to walk in His steps. As they do so, then they are enabled to obey the commands and directives given to them by My Holy Spirit. Those who will be true disciples are the ones who will follow on to know the ways of My Son, denying themselves and taking up the way that is given to them as the redeemed.

Do not choose to live in estrangement from Me, for to live apart from Me is nothing but trouble to you. When you look at the self-induced sufferings and anguish that so many are in during these times, what do you see? You see that they have chosen to self-destruct, because their hearts are far from Me. They have gone a whoring after the idols in their own hearts rather than come forth in My way. Know that they will be partakers of misery because they have abandoned My way, which is mercy.

This day, be serving in the attitude of gratitude, because I am the One who is ever present to give you light on the path and guide you forth each day. Do not be quick to assume evil about Me or one another. Remember that the enemy is ever present to undermine you in your relationship with Me. His goal is to turn you away from Me in whatever way that he can. This, he does to destroy your lives and damn your souls.

As My people, remain real in your relationship to Me. You do this when you are willing to change from ways that are not pleasing to Me, and to take up the purposes that I have for you to walk in. Be aware that the hypocrites will say, and not do. Those who want to be Mine will do My will rather than their own. They will understand the principle of denying themselves in order to walk in My way and be found well pleasing to Me.

Know that I am grieved even to the point of anger when those who have known the blessedness and the mercies given to them through the sacrifice of My Son Jesus, turn to the vanities of the world and indulge themselves in folly. What pleasure do I find in vessels who are choosing to be vessels of dishonor by their disrespect towards My Son, My Spirit and Myself? These ones, by their actions prove that they are fools, who will be devoured by sin and damned for eternity.

Be thankful, My people, that you do not have to go in the way of fools but you can come forth in the way that I give to you, which is eternal and everlasting. Rejoice that you have been counted worthy to be a partaker of that which I give to you, and that in serving Me wholeheartedly you are kept in the multiplied mercies that I give to you.

Serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude. Keep your vision single unto Me, and do not get eyes full of adultery. Yes, you are in the world, but you are not meant to participate in the world’s darkness and in the same be overwhelmed. You are to participate in that which I give for you to live in, and know that it is the better way.

The way of transgressors remains hard, and those who are choosing to violate My way are destined to many sorrows. I do not want you to live in sorrow; I want you to live in the joy that I bring and give in abundance to the ones who will remain centered upon Me.

Thank Me this day that you can remain real in your relationship with Me, as you accept the fact that you need godly guidance and wisdom. Do not be trusting your carnal mind, for the same is the enemy of My purpose for you. Likewise, do not seek worldly counsel and think you are wise in the same. Desire to be kept in My way, and obey the commands, directives and guidance that are divinely given.