Always Afraid?

I speak to you this day, My people, and I instruct you to keep yourselves looking unto Me. Do not be as the fearful, who are ever looking for the next thing they can be fearful about. I do not intend for My people to be full of fear; I intend for them to be full of faith and confidence in Me, for I alone am their Maker and their Keeper.

This world is governed by darkness, and the enemies use fear as their total control mechanism, whereby they keep people in captivity and slavery through fear. Being always afraid becomes a way of life to the multitudes who are under demonic control. People are literally dreading to face another day, because of the crushing fears that beset them during the night and when they awaken to each day.

Be thankful that you are not under the curse of fears that haunt and cause torment continually. Instead, you are under faith, hope, and trust in Me. Be glad that My Holy Spirit is ever present to guide you away from fear, and that My angels do surround you and keep you each day and night. You do not need to fear the pestilence, the arrows, the snares and entanglements, for I have given you My protection.

Those who walk in darkness are continually under the terrorization of endless demonic powers, who thrive on intimidating them and dictating to them their present and their future. Such torments follow these ones wherever they go. Consider the troubles that erupt because of the fears that loom and project.

Let it be known to you that I do not call you to such vexations and terrors; I call you to know that you are being kept, protected, and guided. As you will walk in the light that is given to you, so you will not have to be constantly terrorized, nor will you dread being overwhelmed by those things that want to see you utterly devastated and destroyed.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, so do you understand that I alone am well able and that you can see My mercies given to you new every morning. Do not neglect to receive the mercies that I give to you, for they are intended as your provision in Me. Some do not receive My mercies, thinking somehow that they can do everything on their own. They cannot, yet because they are still believing in themselves, they are neglecting to partake of My provision and protection.

Know that you are not meant to be under the fears that beset the heathen at all times. You are intended to be under the peace that I provide for those who come into My fold and remain. It has never been My intention that My people would hurry and scurry like rats in a maze, ever under the fears and terrorization that are rampant in these times. My desire and intention is that My people would know that their strength is in Me. As they are realizing that I am the source of their strength, so are they enabled to partake in gladness for the infinite mercies that I give to My own.

When you know that I am your strength, then it is not impossible to be courageous, for you are aware of the protection that you have been provided with. As you face enemy forces of fear, unbelief, doubt, confusion and terror, you do not have to receive those forces. Instead, you can receive Me as the One who gives to you exactly what you need each day. Thank Me even now that I am the One who enables you, directs you, and instructs you in the way that is righteousness and holiness.

The more that you realize how great My power really is, the less you will fear the powers of men. Such powers are not intended to rule over you; I am meant to rule over you, and the more you are submitted to that rule, the more your confidence in Me increases and peace becomes your mindset. I am the One who remains when all of the powers of darkness have been trampled underfoot and the demon gods crushed and scattered to the wind.

Let the attitude of gratitude be your daily mindset. The more that you are serving in gratitude, the better becomes the attitude by which you walk. My people are not meant to be sour and dour, for I am their refuge, their strength, and the joy that they partake of.

Do not concentrate on your own miseries this day, for to do so will only increase those things. Do not feed the enemies’ plots against you. Rather, deny yourselves, and do not be in constant complaining and repeating the miseries you may suffer. Realize that everyone, be they saint or sinner, will suffer some things in this life.

Because of that, do not think that you have suffered or do suffer more than anyone else. Know that there are those who have gone before you, who have suffered far more than you will ever suffer. Thank Me this day that I am the One who gives you strength to endure as good soldiers of the cross.

Remember that Jesus, the pattern Son, suffered for you, not for His own sins, but for the sins that all had committed. He did not withdraw Himself from that suffering, nor scream out in the agony of the same and demand that I kill all of his tormentors and torturers. No, He endured the cross and came forth victorious and triumphant, and is both Lord and Christ.

Do the best that you can, for He has done the best for you. Give all of yourselves as My Spirit directs you to do so. Thank Me and give praise, because you have been set free to serve and obey Me as your Father.