Junk Food

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Do not ever be ashamed of your identity with Me as your Maker, your Creator, your God. When you have believed in My Son Jesus and taken Him as your Savior and Lord, you will not be loved by the world. In fact, the world will hate you, for it hated Him. Therefore, do not be anxious to look for approval from the world, for you cannot serve two masters.

Multitudes of My people have sought for approval from the world. In so doing, they have estranged themselves from Me. When anyone becomes concerned with the opinions of men above My opinion, they will be devoured by the world. I have seen vast multitudes who have gone a whoring after the god of the approval of the world, and such ones have lost their souls. These vast multitudes are now in hell because of their choices and their transgressions against Me.

Do not be easily tempted to take up worldliness, for it is deadly and will fill you with all manner of uncleanness, deviations and perversions. When men and women are sinful, they can become violent perverters of the truth. They literally twist the truth in order to justify their lives.

Know that I do not find pleasure in those who are perverting the truth to justify their own sins and transgressions against Me. The wages of sin are death and will always be so. Those who choose to live in sin are choosing for their own death and damnation of soul.

Be thankful that you do not need to make such foolish choices and be damned by the same. Instead, you can choose for Me and be kept in the way that I have intended for you to walk in, which is the path that leads to eternal life.

It is certainly a sad thing that My people allow themselves to become centered on the here and now and do not center on Me. You are not intended to be centered only on the present life; you are intended to be looking to the future life likewise. Reality is that those who sow only to the flesh, by their own choices and actions will indeed reap corruption and damnation of their souls. Inevitably, they end in hell forever.

Be glad this day that you do not need to end in hell. Rather, you can come forth knowing that I am the One who does care for you as the heavenly Father that I am. Know of a surety that in and through Me you have been purposed for the truth and not for the lies that destroy. Therefore, be choosing My way and walking in the truth. It is Me who is the author and the finisher of your faith. Likewise, it is Me who does purpose you to know the goodness that I provide for the ones who are true to Me.

Most people are shortsighted, because they take no concern for Me nor for their own souls. They prefer to live in the delusions and the folly of the world, while all the time believing in the deceptions they have given themselves unto. I do not call you to live in deceptions; I call you to live in the truth and to know the power of the same in your lives.

Be glad that in these times of darkness I give to you My light. Likewise, when people are being taken by death totally unprepared to meet Me, you can live each day in thanksgiving and gladness.

While the devil promises people happiness and satisfaction, know that he is a liar and has destruction intended. Those who believe lies are literally receiving the devil to guide them. To be guided by the destroyer is the certain destination of death and damnation.

I do not want you dead and damned; I want you saved and walking in My Spirit. You are called to be My Spirit people who are listening to and being guided by the Holy Spirit. It is wisdom to accept the guidance of My Spirit and obey the same. It is foolishness to listen to and obey the guidance of demon spirits sent by the devil to destroy you.

Be thankful to be in life rather than death. Likewise, be thankful to be purposed for My intentions each day. There is no reason to go after the stupidity of death spirits. There is every reason to walk uprightly in the way which is eternal and everlasting. How often do I call My people to rejoice in Me and they do not because they have their eyes on the world?

It is not for you to fill yourselves on the garbage which the world feeds to its captives. You are meant to eat of the bread of life that I give to you through My living Word, and to be kept in the way of life eternal. Therefore, do not get eyes full of adultery for the world. Rather, be glad to be partakers of all that I give to you, for I am the One who is indeed well able.

Those who eat of the world’s junk food will pay the consequences of the same. Their choices for fleshly indulgences will bring them many sorrows in their lives on this earth. When any eats of the world’s junk food, their minds will be on those things that are unclean rather than those things that are pure and provided by Me.

You are given the bread of life that by eating of the same you are purified and sanctified by the same. You are not intended to be full of uncleanness and defilement. You are purposed for My intentions, and I want you to be holy as I am holy. Therefore, keep yourselves unspotted from the world and walk in the purity that I have for you.

The closer you draw to Me, the more you will understand that I am the only God who is true. Likewise, when the idols of men are ground to rubble, I remain eternal and everlasting.