Keep On

I speak to you this day and I tell you: Keep on; keep on looking to Me, trusting in Me, and knowing of a surety that I am the One you can depend on and believe. I do not change, in the sense of keeping My promises to My people. I give to My people repeatedly what they have need of. I do not hesitate to provide the continual resource of who I am unto My own.

Those of the world are looking to vanity and trusting in lies. When the inevitable changes come into their lives, then they are the ones who are under extreme and radical pressures. Some are so desperate and destitute that they even kill themselves from the frustration of their lives.

It is Me who remains true to My people, and despite the circumstances they are in, it is Me who makes the way for them continually. Therefore, do not look at your circumstances and give up hope because of the same. Rather, look to Me. Know that I am indeed the One who is well able to transform famine into a feast for My people. It is Me who can do miracles daily for the ones who look to Me in faith, trust, and continual hope.

Do not grow weary in well doing by looking at the situations and circumstances that are far from the best. Realize that I keep you no matter what your physical situations may be. Do exactly what I ask, and in the same continue to know that you are being kept and will be kept by My mercies. There is nothing impossible with Me, for I am the God of impossibility.

Consider the many times that I did the impossible to rescue My people of old. When they faced the Red Sea in fleeing the pursuing Egyptian army, it was Me who opened up the Sea before them. The dry land appeared, and they crossed over the Red Sea on that dry land. When the Egyptian army attempted to use the same crossing, I closed the sea and the Egyptians were drowned in the waters. Is it not Me who is well able and who does miracles that no man or woman or nation can do?

Be serving Me in expectation, for I do not withhold My mercies from you. Instead, I give to you the many mercies as you need them. I likewise give to you miracles that will cause you to be glad that it is Me that you serve. I do not call you to fear the Egyptians and bow down before them. I call you to respect and honor Me, for I am your Keeper. As you keep on looking, trusting, believing and hoping in Me above all enemies, circumstances and situations of adversity, I am ever present.

Those who have been considered the greats in the history of My people were the ones who kept steady in their belief and trust in Me. Thank Me this day that through concentration on Me you have seen repeatedly that I am the One who is well able. As you keep on looking to Me, you are not made ashamed, and you will see that I mock the mockers and crush the enemies.

I do not ask you to be dependent upon your own strength; I ask you to be dependent upon Me. Those who are depending upon Me will be kept in every hardship, calamity, storm and collapse that comes upon humanity. Know that you are not to look to be overwhelmed; you are to look to be kept in the shadow of My wings. My people are the ones who will know Me as not only their Maker, but likewise their Keeper.

The more that you experience who and what I AM, the more that you are able to testify of My greatness to others who do not know Me. Do not look at people in the ugliness of their sins and turn away from them in disgust. Realize that they are captives in slavery to the forces of sin and death. I do not expect you to be self-righteous; rather, you are to realize that your present conditions are the result of My mercies to you. That is, it is not by your righteousness that you are brought forth; it is by My mercy.

Be serving Me this day in the attitude of gratitude, for there is no good thing that I withhold from you, and I am well able. Rejoice that you are not led into a ditch, nor are you stranded or abandoned. You are uplifted, directed, guided and kept. Therefore, concentrate yourselves on the goodness that I give to you and not on the dreariness that is all around.

Do not be easily triggered by the extreme cruelty or violence that you will see in these times. Stay steady, keep on looking to Me, and know that My Spirit is with you and in you, and that you are being guided forth in My way. I do not intend for you to be overwhelmed; I intend for you to be uplifted, guided and directed each day.

Know that it is a good thing to be loved by Me and to be shown that I am the One who is giving you My love, life and light. Many are the sorrows of those who turn aside from Me and take up the gods of the heathen. By doing so, they depart from all that is good to indulge in the wallow of sin and death. Such behaviors are the actions of those who are deceived and damned by the lies they have chosen and accepted.

Do not make choices for deception, for the same will destroy you and cause you to be devoured. Be making choices for My life, and it will be in that life that you are kept. You do not have to stumble in darkness, for I will be ever present to direct, guide and instruct you in the life that I give to you each day.

You are not damned; you are kept in the resource that is found only as you keep on in My way. There are multitudes who are damned daily because they trusted in deception and deceivers. Thank Me that you can keep on in the truth, and that I provide the light that you have need of.