Shelter from the Hammering Storms

I speak unto you this day and I will remind you that what really matters is that you abide in Me. Far too many of those who are claiming to be Mine are not abiding in Me. Because they have ogled the world, they have taken up the ways of the world and by the same became worldly, ungodly, and in pursuit of those things that I have not intended for them to partake of.

Know of a surety that I do not call you to worldliness; I call you to godliness and to keep your focus clearly upon Me. As you are keeping your vision single unto Me, you will find repeatedly that I enable you to come forth in the power and glory that I provide. Likewise, you will not be swallowed up in the massive waves of ungodly fear and are sweeping across the entire world.

My people are intended to find their refuge in Me, for I am their high tower of strength and safety. The ones who keep themselves in right standing in Me are welcomed to run into Me and be kept in the protection that I have ever available unto them. This does not mean that they will not see the terrible things that are happening all around. Of course they will! What I do is offer to My people protection, strength and safety.

Be serving Me today and each day in the attitude of gratitude, for My intentions towards you are for good and not evil. It has never been My intention for My people to be destroyed. It has been My intention for My people to be ever uplifted and shown that through Me they are given all that they have need of, for I do not withhold any good thing from them.

However, the reality is that because of the sinful state that most are in, the violence and murder that are common occurrences, the continual dishonesty and corruption on every hand, the disrespect and dishonor towards Me, I am showing forth My wrath, fury and indignation towards those who are guilty.

Consider that when a storm is hammering, much distress, homelessness, loss of possessions and lives occurs. Nonetheless, there are some who are kept in safety from the storm. So it is, that when I am bringing forth My wrath, fury and indignation, My true ones are kept in Me. Of course, they will see the great calamities that are befalling those estranged from Me, but they will not be partakers of those distresses.

It is not My intention to punish My people when they are in right standing with Me and seeking to please Me. Therefore, keep committed unto Me as your first and foremost reason for being. When you put Me first, you will see that in honoring Me as your Maker, I in return will honor you and keep you in the times at hand.

Do not let the liar come near to you to sweep you away in those things that will cause you to lose out with Me. Know of a surety that you are not meant to give ear to lying spirits. Rather, you are to remain attentive to My Spirit and learn to hear the voice that I send to guide you in My way. I do not want you to be deceived and taken into captivity by the same. I want you to hearken to Me and listen to My Spirit speaking, for the Spirit will give you the instructions and commands that will keep you in Me.

When people are in unknown territory and there are dangers all about, they seek to get a guide or guides to direct them in safety through the territory. So it is, that My Spirit is your guide, and as you pay heed to the Spirit, so will you be kept in this sin-sick, treacherous and dangerous world. Be thankful that I am the One True God who makes ever provision for My people.

There are some who have gone a whoring from Me and been taken into sore distress and dismay by their choices. Of these, there is a remnant who will repent and return to Me as did the prodigal son. These I will welcome back because they have repented and returned to their first estate.

When you see such ones, do not grow angry at Me because I welcome the prodigals back into My House. Realize that I am calling for the ones who are perishing to repent, and when they do so, I welcome them. The truth is that when people see the error of their ways and the consequences of their bad choices, then I am the One who gives them welcome when they repent and return to Me.

It is not My pleasure to see men and women perish in their sins and spend eternity in hell. It is My joy when people will come unto Me as their heavenly Father, knowing salvation through My Son Jesus. Be thankful this day that you can be serving each day knowing the goodness that I give to you. Inasmuch as My mercies are new to you every morning, be partakers of those mercies in deep appreciation.

Those who are serving other gods do not know My mercies, nor are they brought forth in the abundance of goodness that I provide. Instead, they are ever being directed in the wretchedness that comes upon them day by day. Idol worshipers are spending their lives for death rather than life, and in so doing, they are far from Me and the way that I do intend. Because they are in estrangement from Me, they are in fear continually because of the darkness that they are in.

Be glad that you do not have to serve in darkness. Rather, you can serve Me in the clear light that I give to you. Thank Me that you do not need to be troubled nor vexed with the sorrows that haunt the heathen. Rather, you can be kept in the joy that is ever present in Me. Be rejoicing.