Beware the Death Drive

I speak to you this day, telling you that the ways that seem right to men are not My ways. There are ways that men assume to be right; however, those ways are the work of demonic direction and lead to destruction, death, and damnation of their souls.

Know of a surety that as My people, you are meant to keep ever focused upon Me, for I am the One who is indeed well able, and I enable you to be kept each day. It is imperative that you understand that the bombardments of this present world are terrible against saints and sinners alike. The wicked are spread out in proud array and determined to destroy any and all who would choose to oppose them in any manner.

This means that as you are standing for Me, you become a specific target, for you are opposing darkness by the very light that has been given to you. As you are meant to be the light to a dark, dreary and damned world, be clear in your commitment unto Me. Do not take on many masters and by the same be led into the worldliness, ungodliness and treachery that are found in the vices and devices of sin that are on every hand.

Keep therefore your eyes from evil, in the sense that you do not dwell on the transgressions of the wicked. Do not violate nor deviate by assuming that the heathen have the ways that are good. All of the ways that men choose to walk in apart from Me are not good, nor are such ways right.

The truth is, all other ways lead to death and damnation, no matter how they may appear to the carnal eye. Realize that the carnal nature is in allegiance with the death drive that permeates humanity. This death drive is advocated and advanced by the evildoers, who are the laborers for the devil’s agenda.

Be thankful that you are not led about by demons, nor driven by them to the point of your own destruction. Multitudes die early, before their intended time, because they allow themselves to be driven by demonic forces and the powers of iniquity that have taken them captive.

I do not call you to captivity; I call you to be free in Me, which means that your spirit is well able to be caught up to Me and kept in the realms of My glory. Through the spiritual communion that I desire to live in with you, so are you kept.

Thank Me today that you are not to be taken into captivity, nor blinded by the god of this world. It is through the indwelling Holy Spirit that you are uplifted, directed and guided each day in the way that I ordain for you to live in. As you stay in My way, so are you fed with the finest of wheat and given the glorious light upon the path.

Do not be weary in well doing, for as you continue to call upon Me, so are you enabled to see that I have good prepared for you. Thank Me that you are led in righteousness, not deception nor deviation from Me.

I am at this time showing My sore displeasure with the ones who are far from Me. My anger is being partially shown through the many calamities, disasters, plagues, storms, political chaos, financial ruin, and deprivation, that are being made manifest daily.

Some will wake up and cry out to Me through My Son Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. Of these, some will give way to the death drive and return to the wallow of sin. However, there will be a remnant who choose to continue in My way.

The vast majority of people in these times will continue in the blindness, their willful rebellion, and stubbornness against repentance. Because they are under the influences of the evil workers, they believe that they are justified in their rebellion against the call to repent. They are choosing by their rebellion the destiny of death and damnation of their souls.

Do not seriously be in communion with such, for they are mockers and scoffers who want their own ways and seek for the fulfillment of their own fleshly lusts. I do not call you to fulfill your fleshly lusts; I call you to fulfill My purposes for you.

The way that My Spirit leads you will develop you in greater dimensions in Me, and show you that My way is perfect. Therefore, stay in the Spirit, and you are strengthened each day. It is not intended that those who have committed themselves to Me would end up bankrupt in their faith because of diversion or deviation.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude that you are not in deviation, deprivation, nor on the road to damnation. It is well with your souls when you keep in the way that is provided by Me. Therefore, do not hesitate to desire more and more of Me, for I give to you the bread of life. I do not give to you the empty bread of deceit and death; I give to you the bread of life that comes down from heaven.

My mercies are new to you every morning and are waiting for you to walk in the same. As you partake of those mercies, know that they come of Me, for I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who walk uprightly in Me. It is by the goodness that I give that you are shown My light on the path and given the purpose which brings life.

Of course, as you come forth in Me, you cannot help but know that I love you and want you to be kept in the reality of repentance revolution. Multitudes are perishing all around. In their rebellion against repentance, all they gain is their own destruction. Through Me you gain salvation and the expectation of eternal life in Me and in My kingdom. Be thankful to Me.