Choose to Lose?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Rest assured that I am with you at all times, for My Spirit is in you. Know that in these times when I am bringing My wrath, fury and indignation upon the nations, I keep you because you are Mine.

There are multitudes who are suffering, who are crying in deep anguish, who are dying, yet they do not call out unto Me. This is because they are dumb as the idols they serve are dumb. While they believe in lies, they shun the very truth that will set them free. Because of such disorientation towards Me, they are full of distress and are continually found in upheaval of soul. I absolutely do not intend for people to live in such ways.

These multitudes who are living in such ways are the victims of sin, either their own or the sins of their ancestors. Literally, they are cursed because they worship and bow down to idols. Sad to say, there are many of such ones who have gone a whoring from Me and chosen the way of their own damnation, rejecting salvation through My Son Jesus. Because they have chosen lies as their covering, they are headed to hell.

Be thankful this day that you are not bound by lies and by the same hell bound. Rather, you are given new mercies every morning because I do not withhold the same from those who are Mine. As you are willing to walk in My way and obey Me, then My mercies are available to you. You will not be under the curses that are ever upon those who are estranged from Me.

There are many pathways that men, women and children are on, yet those pathways are the ways of destruction and damnation. I have never intended for you to be on the pathway of death; I have intended for you to be ever on the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life in Me. Therefore, keep ever attentive to the directions and instructions of My Spirit, for the same are given to you so that you will live.

It is a good thing to be loved by Me and ever directed in the way that I do give to you each and every day. Therefore, do not be as the dumb, the dull, the stupid, who are choosing to be losing because their hearts are far from Me. As you receive new mercies, be thankful for the same. Remain in the attitude of gratitude because you are redeemed and restored to communion with Me.

The more that you accept with gladness the love that I have for you, the deeper your appreciation of My mercies will be. Therefore, be glad even now that you are not left to wander far from Me. Rather, I bring you forth that you can be uplifted, directed and guided by My Spirit in the clear light that I intend for you to walk in.

Know that by My mercies you are being kept and directed. Be appreciative of those mercies. Multitudes go through this life without such mercies. Their lives are an endless cycle of suffering and sorrow because of estrangement from Me.

When you consider the vast multitudes who live and die upon this earth and are no more than the flowers that fade or the grass that withers, give thanks to know Me. Life without Me ends when anyone dies, and there is no meaning that can be attributed unto the existence they had. Their souls end in hell, and according to their deeds, so do they receive their just rewards.

There are many who rant and scream against Me that I am unjust. Such ones as these are fools, for they do not have the right to judge or evaluate Me. My ways are much higher than the carnal understanding of people. When you hear those who oppose Me, know that in the same they are choosing for themselves damnation because their hearts are so far from Me.

Be glad even this day that your hearts do not need to be far from Me. Rather, they can be with Me in all that I purpose for you. Do not walk afar off from Me, nor be directed in the way of fools. As you stay aggressively active in your desire to please Me, the enemy forces do not gain the upper hand.

Keep your vision, your heart and your mind upon Me, for in the same there is safety. Realize that you are kept in mercy as long as you are centered upon Me. Do not be giving way to the wickedness that is throughout the land. Instead, be thankful that you can and do receive the infinite mercies that I intend for you.

Some have ended in hell because they began to lust for the world, then the enemies enticed them into the broad way whereby they found many diversions. However, their lives did not bring them fulfillment, as they were ever chasing the wind in their pursuits. They found no place of satisfaction, because of their estrangement from Me.

Thank Me this day that I am your refuge, that I am your purpose, that I am the One who does care for you. As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you are given My light upon the path and shown repeatedly that I do care for you. I do not want to see anyone in hell, yet people through their own choices end there.

Be glad even this day that you do not have to choose to lose. Rather, you can choose to serve, obey, and walk daily in the way that is provided by Me. Remember that I am the eternal God and I remain. When other gods are crushed and end as rubble, I remain. When nations come and go and are remembered no more, I remain.

Be glad this day and every day that you can declare fully that you are Mine and that I am your God. Do not ever be ashamed to be identified with Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit.