Let Your Faith Soar in God

I speak unto you this day and I say: Realize the power that is in faith. Today and every day, let your faith soar in Me. That is, do not keep your faith subdued because of the enemies. Rather, let your faith soar in Me, for I alone am your God and your Maker. I do not call you to be crippled by the elements of unbelief, doubt and fear.

Keeping these things in mind, let the faith that I have put within you be expanded and continue to be expanded. As you do so, you will see that I am the triumphant, the victorious, the One True God who meets the needs of My people and who is indeed their source.

Even this day, look to Me as the One who knows exactly what you have need of, and I will meet you in the same. Has not My Son given to you the promises of faith and told you that whatsoever you ask in His Name will be given to you? Therefore, do not hesitate to ask of Me and see that I am indeed the One who does hear and answer prayers.

Consider that the heathen who worship dead gods cry out continually, yet their prayers are not heard. They give their oblations, their offerings, their children, all for naught. In such petitions, they are literally crying out to emptiness and to death. When you think about such a life, be thankful that you can cry out to Me and be assured that I hear you when you cry.

Even this day, keep your focus steadily upon Me, for I am the One who has given to you My Spirit to guide you each day. You are not meant to be living in the doubt, fear and unbelief that beset the heathen each day. You are meant to be living in the confidence in Me which will direct you forward in the life, the power, the presence of who I am.

Do not walk afar off from Me, nor go in any other way, for to do so is to bring troubles to your mind and your soul. Keep steadily looking unto Me as the author and the finisher of your faith. My Son Jesus, My Holy Spirit, and Myself are all One. Therefore, when you are abiding in Me, you will be walking in the steps of My Son and being led by My Holy Spirit.

Be assured that whatsoever is of Me, and as you ask accordingly, the same will be granted to you, because I am the One who is indeed well able. Thank Me even now that I do not withhold from you the very things that I purpose for you to partake of. Why should I, the Living God who is full of love and great abundance, be stingy towards My people?

Know of a surety that I am able to provide for you in great and exceeding abundance as you are giving your lives totally to Me. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for you are indeed privileged to be enabled to partake of the great and exceeding abundance that I provide to you.

I do not call you to be bowing down to the heathen and beseeching the world to be your help. I call you to bow unto Me and know that as you believe, so will you receive of Me, for I am the One who is indeed well able to provide for you time and again. Do not look to any other way, but keep on hoping, believing and receiving of Me as the One who does give to you such as you need each day.

When the enemies would attempt to bombard you, put up the shield of faith that the fiery darts or the arrows of doubt, fear and unbelief cannot enter into you. Realize that you are in a continual war with the forces of darkness that have tried time and again to destroy you. Yet, as you have kept your confidence in Me, you have experienced My mercies in great and glorious abundance.

As you are keeping steady in your trust in Me, so shall your faith be increased. My people are not meant to be thwarted in their faith; they are meant to be raised up in the power of My presence and given the hope that I provide to them repeatedly. Therefore, do not be as the foolish who are wavering and walking afar off from Me. Be as the wise who are trusting in Me, for I am indeed well able.

Thank Me even now that you do not have to walk in the way of fools. Rather, you can walk in Me and know that I am the One who is indeed well able. As you are steadily continuing, so are you provided for in every way. There is no reason to walk afar off. There is every reason to walk near to Me, as I alone am your source, your resource, and the One who does care for you.

Ask of Me and see that I am indeed well able. Do not be intimidated nor limited, for I am the limitless God. Be giving Me thanks and praise even now, for yes, I do hear you, and yes, I answer your requests unto Me. Realize that you are invited and desired in the divine family, and that you are meant to be trusting as sons and daughters that I am your heavenly Father and I do provide for you. Do not shy away from Me because of the voices of enemies.

Bind up every force that would seek to hinder you from believing in Me, and march forward in the way that I do intend. Apply yourselves wholeheartedly to whatsoever it is that I have for you, and give Me praise and thanks. Come forth rejoicing and being made glad, for I am indeed the One who is well able and who gives to you all that you have need of.

This is not the time to tremble in the fears that beset the heathen. This is the time to declare Me, to believe Me, and to live victorious, for you are not the victims of the world; you are the victors by your faith in Me.