Fearful-Fretful Syndrome

I speak unto you this day and I warn you that you are not intended to be crippled by the spirits of fear that daily beset and overwhelm the heathen. I do not call you to come under the covering of fear, for the same is crippling, even to the point of paralyzation.

Multitudes in these times are found crippled by fear, dread, doubt and unbelief. The same takes them down the road that will lead to their own destruction and damnation of soul. I do not intend for My people to be swept up in the waves of fear that are going throughout the land. Rather, I intend that My people would be kept in the protection of My presence, which I give them daily as they are abiding in Me.

My people are not meant to be caught up in the “fearful-fretful syndrome,” which only brings torment to the ones who are caught up in the same. It is important that as My people, you keep up your guard against such forces, for they will overwhelm and overtake if not rebuked and refused.

Throughout the world, many are found bound in the fearful-fretful syndrome, and for them there is no escape. This is because they are taking in daily doses of fear sent from the devil and his demon forces. All of the news is dreary and full of dread for what is coming upon the earth next. Many are believing that “the end is near” and that the world is going to end in one huge chaotic distress.

However, My people are not intended to be swallowed up in the calamities that are besetting those who are estranged from Me. My people are meant to be strong and courageous because I am their source of strength. Therefore, do not allow the fears of the heathen to come upon you and cause you to be tormented. Rather, be rejoicing to be partakers of the strength that I provide to those who are adhering unto Me.

When you are keeping yourselves uplifted in Me, you will not be taken captive by the forces of iniquity that want to see you damned. To live in the fearful-fretful syndrome is not a pleasant place at all. You are intended to live in the peace that I give each and every day because I am your resource, your strength, and your mercy. Therefore, be glad even now that by My Spirit you are uplifted, guided and directed each day. Be thankful that I am the One who is the continuing source of all that you have need of to be strong and of good courage.

Too often, My people are ogling the world and listening to the worldly messengers. These messengers are the ones who are daily pumping out fear of everything in order to keep people in captivity to fear.

Be aware that you must resist the temptation to take on the mindset of the world and allow yourselves to be disturbed by the same. When you are listening to the many voices that want to take you into bondage, you are listening to lies. Know that I have no intention for you to listen to lies; I have every intention for you to listen to the truth that My Spirit speaks to you that you be guided in life.

Those who are listening to liars spewing forth lies are giving themselves over to be taken in the throes of the wicked one and likewise devoured. As I have already warned you, the fearful-fretful syndrome is a trap that wants to snap shut on any who believes the lies and the liars who are working for the enemy forces. Keeping these things in mind, be ever alert to not be a dupe for the devil. Rather, be accepting the instruction that is given to you through My Spirit, and walk in the same.

Be thankful even this day that I am the One who is your resource, and that I know of your needs and the same I do not fail to provide for you. Therefore, do not walk in the delusional imaginations that people declare is truth. There are so many fantasies being sold in these times, and the bottom line of them all is quite simply, FEAR.

Be thankful that you are not under the dread, doubt, unbelief and torments of fear. As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you are of course made glad to be Mine. Likewise, you are enabled to stay calm when others are hysterical and coming apart at the seams. Be thankful this day that you do not have to be terrorized nor demonized in the fretful-fearful syndrome.

I do not call My people to be wavering, to be tottering, to be in continual perplexities. I call My people to be kept in the calm confidence that comes of trusting in Me. Thank Me today that I give you the calm confidence that will be as your steadying during these times of upheaval, uncertainty and painful fears on every hand. Know that you must confess and bear witness to the fact that I am the One who keeps you and gives you peace.

When you consider the numbers of those in torment and terror, such numbers are outrageous. You are not meant to add to the devil’s headcount by yielding to fear; you are meant to stay strong in Me. The essence of calm confidence in Me is meant to be coming from you and sending out waves of peace.

Know that there are endless waves of fear that have gone throughout the land. However, as you bear witness of Me, there is peace that comes from and in the same. Rejoice today and every day that you do not need to have itching ears, waiting for the latest tidbit or tasty morsel of fear to come your way. Thank Me that you can be kept in calm confidence in Me.