Awaken unto Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say: Arise and awaken to the day, for I am with you this day and every day as you remain in Me. Know that I the Living God do not leave you alone, for I come to you continually through My Holy Spirit, who is with you and in you.

Today, realize that I have called you to be My Spirit people, which means in essence that it is Me that you serve in everything that you are doing each and every day. Therefore, do not connect yourselves to the world in any measure. Rather, be connected unto Me, for I am the One who does care for your souls. As you learn to follow My Spirit’s directives, you will understand fully that My purposes for you are eternal and everlasting.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, and as you do, My Spirit will uplift you into realms where you are given the opportunity to partake of the divine glories that I give. When you are coming forth in the spiritual dimensions that I intend My people to walk in, know that you are a tremendous threat to the enemies, who want to destroy you.

Those who are religious are no threat to the enemies. This is because the forces of darkness already have them in captivity to religious ritual. The religionists do not move according to divine dictates. Rather, they are simply religious, but they are not righteous.

However, those who are righteous are the ones who pose the great threat to the enemy kingdom, because they are given divine perception of the tactics of the enemy. With the divine perceptions given to them by the Holy Spirit, My Spirit people are enabled to discern and to warn against the invasion of enemy forces. Those who will pay heed to what My Spirit people are declaring can be forewarned and thereby able to escape the death which the devil and his demons have in store.

I do not intend for people to be destroyed; I intend for them to be saved and spared from the degradation that would take them to hell. My Spirit people are My messengers to this wicked, perverse and vile generation that is hell bound. When people pay heed to the messages given through My Spirit people, then they are set free.

I do not establish My Spirit people to be “acceptable to the world.” There are far too many messengers who are pleasing to the world, while they are in opposition to Me. Such as these are liars who are only out for their own gain as well as their own name. They do not give forth the warnings to humanity that would keep them from hellfire. Rather, they speak enticing words that call them to be seduced into the net of lies and the temporary comfort of the same. You are not called to please men; you are called to please Me.

Be glad even this day that you are not encumbered with the excess baggage that causes you to be burdened with sin. Thank Me and praise Me that you can repent and be spared from the everlasting torments of hell that are the consequence of sin. When you are attentive to My Spirit’s commands, then you are freed from the chains of sin and death.

Not only are you set free; you are equipped to free others from the corruption that is in the world at this time. Be thankful even this day that you are not intended to sit passively by as you see multitudes headed to hell. Rather, you are intended to call sinners to repentance that they can be spared from the desolation of destruction of their souls. It is My intention that My people would remain ever actively aggressive against enemy forces. In so doing, they prove to be the messengers of the redemptive mercies that are being offered to all who will hear and obey the call to REPENT.

My Son Jesus did not come preaching the kingdom of fleshly comfort. He came declaring to humanity their need to repent and be restored to Me as their heavenly Father. So are you to preach and declare to sinners their need to repent and be set free from the chains of sin.

Therefore, keep fit in the Spirit, for as your senses are exercised, you are able to discern between good and evil. As you are giving forth the call to repent, sinners will be set free to come forth, and given new life as they obey the call to repentance. Know of a surety that such is My intention for humanity. I do not delight to see even the wicked perish; I want to see souls repentant and restored to My house.

Keep yourselves ever willing and able to keep in the pathway that I set before you. Do not be tied down to those things that are of this world, that will take you down the road of despair, emptiness and futility. That is, do not let the cruel cares of this world take you into captivity that you are not able to escape. Rather, keep ever alert and alive in My Spirit, and awaken others to the impending judgments that I am bringing upon this earth.

When people have grown careless and abandoned themselves to sin, they need to be awakened rudely to the fact that they are liable for My wrath, fury and indignation. Likewise, they need to be told the truth that they will be destroyed by their own choices.

You are not called to live in fleshly comforts and lusts of the flesh; you are called to die to yourselves, take up the cross, and follow in the footsteps of My Son Jesus. Be glad to serve Me in the purpose that matters for all time and eternity. Know that those who take the time and effort to win souls are wise.