The Heavenly Father Gives Good Love

I speak to you this day and I would remind you that I am your heavenly Father, which means that I am the One who understands you and knows your needs even before you would express such. Therefore, let your confidence remain steadfast in Me. Do not be turning to the world and the vanities of the same. Rather, keep single in your vision, your purpose, and your walk.

I do not intend that My children would be disobedient, nor do I want them to be clinging to worldliness because they are fearful. Rather, I intend for My people to be ever thankful that it is Me that they can serve with gladness and rejoicing each day.

In these times, multitudes have grown up with no fathers, or fathers who were abusive and neglectful of their needs. Others have grown up with many fathers, none of whom really cared for them. I do not intend for My people to be under such darkness; I intend for them to be found in My light and to be rejoicing for the same.

Therefore, if you have suffered from any such conditions that have deprived you of a wholesome relationship with your fathers, know that I am your heavenly Father and that I love you. Do not be hasty to take up the way of the rebellious because of things you have undergone in the flesh. Realize that when you came to salvation through My Son Jesus, you were adopted into the divine family and now have a new life.

Know that in your new life you can be freed from old bondages and likewise have the hurts you suffered completely healed. You do not have to live your lives as wounded children. Instead, you can rejoice in the new life, knowing that you are well cared for and have many brothers and sisters who love you likewise.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, because you have been given the opportunity to be born again of incorruptible seed. Do not suppose that through yielding to the former pain you make gain in My kingdom. No, you make gain in Me by yielding to the comforting ever available to you through My Holy Spirit. You are not alone, for My Spirit is ever present with you and in you.

Thank Me this day that it is Me who cares for all who will come to Me and be willing to walk in the new life that has been opened up to them. Do not be as the foolish who return again unto bondage after they have been freed. Sad to say, there are multitudes who return to slavery, and in the same they will die because they loved their chains above the freedom they received.

Such fools as these will be suffer many things in this life, and then end in hell for eternity. Know of a surety that I do not call you to such sufferings; I call you to know Me as your Maker, your Keeper, and the One who desires you to be brought forth and uplifted in the blessedness that I give to all who will adhere to Me.

Do not at any time listen to and receive the lies of the liar and his forces of darkness. The agenda of the wicked one from the beginning has been one of destruction, and the intention has not changed. You are not meant to believe the accuser when he hurls his lies at you regarding Me and your brothers and sisters in Me. Know of a surety that it is the deceiver and his demonic army who desire to see you dead and damned.

Thank Me this day that I am the One who guides you forth in the newness of life that I provide, and that I give to you all that you have need of each day. Do not grow weary in well doing, but continue as a steadfast people who are trusting in Me. If you could see the endless numbers of humans who end in hell, you would realize how really blessed you are to be redeemed.

It is truly a good thing to be loved by Me and to be in the divine family that I have. I give many blessings to those who are willing to obey Me. I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who will look to Me as their Master and Lord. Indeed, to be partakers in the divine family is great and exceedingly wonderful.

Be knowing of a surety that I bring you into love such as you have never known, and I nourish you in the goodness that I give. It gives Me pleasure to see the lost sheep and lambs restored and brought into My fold. Therefore, this day know that you do not need to be a hopeless wanderer, nor do you need to live in the hurts of your past lives. Rather, you can be rejoicing and giving Me praise for the mercy that is given to you throughout your days. It is wonderful to be directed, corrected and instructed in the way of life eternal, to have the very reason for your being revealed to you each day.

Reiterate to yourselves and to others the goodness that you do experience as you live for Me each day. Do not dwell on the death that is all around. Rather, think upon the goodness that you experience in Me and testify of the same. When you make it your practice to be thankful, then the enemies cannot take you into captivity once again.

Do not give way to murmuring, complaining and accusing Me. Rather, be knowing that in the new life My joy is ever present, and you can partake of the same no matter what your circumstances may be. Thank Me even now that I am the One True God who gives to you exactly what you have need of. I uplift you in the realms of My glory, when others are wallowing in the death throes of carnality.