Choose: Desolation or Wings of Hope

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who hears you when you call out to Me. Thank Me that whenever you are needy and it is Me that you turn to, you will not be ashamed, for I will hear and give to you what you need. I desire that My people would be ever trusting in Me and not be overwhelmed by their circumstances. Nor do I want My people taken captive in the clutches of demon claws.

As you keep your confidence in Me by trusting Me beyond your circumstances or the pressures that would beset you, you will see that indeed I am with you always. I have given to those of you who have desired the same My Holy Spirit, and the Spirit is in you and with you at all times. Therefore, know that you are not alone and that repeatedly you will see My answers to prayers revealed. You will be enabled to hope each day, for I am the hope of My people.

As you are keeping these things in mind, you are guided forth by the plain path that is set before you, and you are ever being strengthened to remain in My way. It is indeed a sad matter when My people turn aside to the world and the vanities of the same. They gain nothing from the world, except the way of their own demise and destruction. I do not call you to be destroyed by the world which is all around. I intend you to be separated, consecrated and dedicated unto Me as the One True God whose power and glory remain ever present to you each day.

As you are praying unto Me, know that you are not crying to the wind. Consider the world’s people, both near and far, how many there are who are crying to the wind when they pray. That is, because they are praying to the gods who are dead, their prayers are not being answered. They become subject to seducing spirits which lead them to think that the false gods they serve are real. However, remember that the devil and his demon forces are liars who are continually lying to any who will listen to them.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, because you do not have to cry to the wind. Nor are your prayers sent to dead gods who have no ability to answer or to give you what you have need of. Reality is, I am the only God who is living, and I am the One who does hear your every prayer. Therefore, be rejoicing that you are privileged to have your prayers answered according to My divine wisdom and intention for your lives.

Multitudes live and die upon this earth, only to face the facts in the end that they spent their lives for emptiness and vanity. Then they are sent to hell because they did not respond to the Holy Spirit’s conviction when it was sent to them in order for them to repent. Because they chose to oppose Me, they are the ones who consequently paid for their transgressions and violations of My purpose and intention for them.

Those who have spent their lives opposing Me will find in the end that they are absolutely not what they imagined themselves to be. Some of them will plead for mercy; others will go out scoffing and mocking. The facts are that those who oppose Me are destined to damnation if they do not repent while they yet have breath in their bodies.

Be thankful unto Me that you are privileged to call upon Me each day, and to partake of the endless mercies and the goodness that I give to any and all who choose to serve Me with gladness. When you are choosing for Me, you are choosing the way of life which is eternal and everlasting. Those who choose for Me do not spend their lives for emptiness and face hell in the end. Rather, they choose for Me and gain all that I have in preparation.

When you see the daily desolation that many are found in, be all the more thankful that you are not there, that is, you are not bound in the endless chains of drunkenness, drug addiction and desperation, nor are you destined to hellfire because you chose desolation above salvation. Rejoice each day that you are following My Son Jesus Christ and not wandering in destitution of soul.

The hopeless wanderers are increasing daily and they are a plague to those who are attempting to make sense of their own existence upon earth. However, the truth is that the hopeless wanderers and the self-righteous citizens are all destined to hell if they do not repent. No matter how much the self-righteous esteem themselves to be something, they are destined to hell if they do not turn from their own ways and repent.

Let yourselves be uplifted on the wings of hope this day, for indeed you are intended to live in hope and not in dread. Each day, there is reason to thank Me and praise Me, for I am the One who is ever present with you and I do indeed live in you. Therefore, do not let dread, fear, unbelief and despair come near you. Such mindsets are not your habitation, for I am the One who gives hope to those who are trusting themselves to Me.

As you receive My mercies, new to you every morning, realize that I am the One who desires to see you ever uplifted, brought forth, and guided by the plain path that I give to you each day. Do not be as the ones who have mistakenly chosen the wrong paths, then are too proud to repent. Keep actively praying, repenting, and rejoicing for the way that I give you both now and forever. In My way is everything that you need, for I give to you My mercy, My truth and My life. Partake of Me with thanksgiving.