Don’t Let Demons Guide Your Decisions

I speak to you this day and I say that I the Living God know exactly what you need and I will give to you the same. Therefore, do not be troubled in your minds, for I supply your needs. There are multitudes who are fretting themselves on every hand, full of fear and ever anxious as to how they shall live on this earth. They make no preparation for the life hereafter, and their days are taken from them by the daily distresses that beset them.

I do not call My people to live in such a situation of mental anguish and anxiety; I call them to live in Me as the One True God who cares for them and likewise supplies all of their needs. Be thankful that through Me you are given exactly what you need continually, for I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who walk uprightly.

I do not call you to spend your days in fear for the tomorrows that may never come. Instead, live your days rejoicing in Me, for I am your heavenly Father who cares for you. I desire for you to be uplifted, guided, and brought forth each day in the purpose and plan that I have for you. Therefore, in this wayward, perverse and vile generation, be all the more thankful that I am with you. Be assured that I will give to you exactly what you need in every circumstance. Know of a surety that I do not leave you, nor do I forsake you.

When those who once served Me turn aside to sin, they are the ones who choose to separate themselves from Me by their sins and continuing adherence to the same. They become forsaken because they have forsaken Me. While they may verbally express faithfulness unto Me, they are not true in their hearts. I fully know the hearts of all peoples, and those who are unfaithful unto Me do not hide their transgressions nor whoredoms.

Thank Me this day that I do not leave you alone nor desolate. It is through My Holy Spirit that you are guided forth each and every day in the purpose that I have for you to walk in. Do not be hasty to desert Me and go a whoring after those things that are wicked and vile, full of corruption and all manner of uncleanness.

When anyone makes their decisions according to demonic pressures, they will suffer from the consequences of the same. So it is with those who give way to the suggestions of sin, which the seducing spirits use to entice them into the prison house of sin and death. Be alert and alive to the commands and directives of My Holy Spirit. Do not make decisions without prayer unto Me and waiting for My divine wisdom. It makes good sense to adhere to Me in every circumstance and situation.

Do not weary in well doing, but continue as a steadfast people who are ever attentive to the Holy Spirit’s directives to them. You are not meant to go in the way of transgressors, for that way is always hard. Transgression will cause continuing sorrow to those who go that way.

Be glad even this day that you are privileged to choose My way and to walk in the same with rejoicing and gladness. It is indeed the most blessed thing to be loved by Me and accepted into My family of the redeemed who have repented of their sins. Be thankful every day for My Son Jesus, who gave Himself to cover your sins and to bring you forth in the way that is My truth.

Do not be as the foolish, who choose in opposition to Me, then spend their lives here on earth in the hardship of the same. Be glad each day to choose My way, for in the same you will be kept and provided for. Your days will not be spent in anxious toil, nor your nights in needless worry and fear. This is because I will supply to you all that you need. Know that I am aware of your needs before you ever express them to Me. Therefore, do not be continually troubling yourselves over those things that trouble the heathen.

Your lives here on earth are not meant to be wasted and used up for vanity; nor are you to give yourselves over continually to the vexations that come from transgression, sin and spiritual whoredom. You are intended to live your lives in total abandonment unto Me, for I am your source, your Maker, and your God.

Be glad even today that it is Me that you can know as your Master, your Lord, your Maker, and your enduring God. Do not be as those who are bound in the stupidity that comes over them because of their choices for transgression. Choose each day for Me, and be thankful that I am your Ruler, your Master.

Consider how many have been mastered by sin, and by such have become slaves who toil for nothing except damnation of their souls. How desolate and despairing to live life upon this sin-cursed earth, then end in hell when it is finished. Keeping these things in mind, choose according to righteousness.

Be thankful unto Me, for I will give to you all that you need each day to be guided in My way. My Holy Spirit will be with you and in you continually to guide you in My way and show you through discernment that which seeks to ensnare you and entangle you in the bondage of transgressors. Thank Me even this day that through Me you are uplifted, guided, and given My peace each day, because you are redeemed.

This day, do not look for disappointment; look for divine appointment, whereby I give to you all that you need and I bring you forth knowing the power of My presence and My goodness unto you. Give thanks and praise.