Tragedy Befalls Those Pursuing Folly

I speak unto you this day and I say: Seek for your identity in Me, that is, do not let the values of the world creep in upon you and overtake you unawares. There are many who started out with all good intentions to follow Me and obey My will for their lives. However, they did not keep up their guard against the world, and they succumbed to the pressures of worldliness rather than maintaining godliness.

I do not find pleasure in My people when they take up the values of the world and live out the same. I never intended for My people to be engulfed in the unclean waters of the sea of iniquity. I have intended for My people to strive to maintain their identity in Me, for I am their Creator, their Keeper, their God.

Be glad even this day that you can come forth in the way that I intend, and by the same be given the hope of who I am. Do not look to the world for an example of how to live. Realize that the end of the world’s ways is death and damnation of soul. You are not intended to end in such a state of devastation and ruination. You are intended to make use of the salvation mercies you have been given, and continue to contend for the truth.

Do not think it strange that the world’s people reject you and believe you to be strange. The reality is, you are strangers only, traveling through this sin-cursed earth, and are not meant to regard your pilgrimage here as your final abode. Rather, you are to keep your vision upon Me and purpose yourselves for the eternal glories that I will provide for you.

Do not set your hopes on the here-and-now life. Set your hopes on Me as the One who will give you exactly what you have need of in every circumstance. Therefore, be trusting in My goodness towards you, and be thankful for the miracles that I will provide to you every day. Become attentive to the directives and commands of My Holy Spirit. You are privileged to have the Spirit Guide who is sent from Me.

Consider the endless multitudes who are being directed by spirit guides that are sent from the devil and whose aim is to kill, steal and destroy. Such guides are demonic and have nothing but destruction and damnation in mind for the souls who follow them.

I do not intend you to be following “spirit guides.” I intend you to follow Me as the One True God who cares for your souls and desires to see you uplifted and guided in the way that is My life, My truth, My mercy. Therefore, be thankful unto Me that you can be directed and brought forth by a plain path as you are adhering to the divine guidance that is provided to you each day.

Endless multitudes lose their souls every day in the pursuit of folly. When you hear of great tragedy transpiring because people were seeking for fun and folly by pursuing the demonic enticements, know that they did not die for Me. Rather, you must understand that they died in vain, for the pursuit of vanity is emptiness and ends countless souls in hell.

I do not intend you to follow after the vanity of the world and get caught in the trap of worldliness, for the same brings forth emptiness. Rather, you are intended to follow after My Spirit guidance, for the same leads you in the straight and narrow way which is eternal life. There is no reason to follow in the way of fools when you have been given the way of divine wisdom.

Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, for in the same you will see that I have mercies for you that no man can give. You are not meant to be under the domain of the cruel cares of everyday existence and allow the same to rule over you. Keep your eyes, hearts and minds stayed upon Me, for as you do, then you will not sink into the abyss of filth that so many are in during these times.

Because I am the God of holiness, I want My people to be holy likewise. I find no pleasure in those who claim to be Christian while their lives reflect all manner of uncleanness and perversity. Know that I have not called you to perversity; I have called you to walk uprightly in Me and to serve Me with gladness and rejoicing each and every day. Be glad that you are given the privilege to serve Me as your Maker and not be imagining that you are descendants of animals, birds, or creatures of the sea.

If you really look at the darkness that so many are in, be glad that you do not have to participate in the same. That is, you are uplifted, brought forth, and given My light upon the path each and every day. Therefore, know that in and through Me you are enabled to be guided in the clarity that I give you each day. My intentions for you are goodness, mercy and hope. As you walk in those intentions, the enemies will have no hold on you, because you are centered upon Me.

Do not look to be pleasing yourselves. Rather, be looking to please Me as the One True God you are called to serve with rejoicing each day. When it is Me that you are focused upon, you will find that I am the One who gives to you exactly what you need to be kept. Know that in and through Me, the only true and lasting satisfaction is found.

People try everything in order to be satisfied, yet the satisfaction they desire eludes them because they are not centered on Me. Realize that only through Me does anyone find the truth and the reality of life that has been My intention for people from the beginning.