Beware the Traps of Lies and Liars

I speak forth this day to any and all who will listen to Me and follow My dictates. This is a time of great endangerment to those who are not near to Me, and this is because of the rise of wickedness and violence on every hand.

I do not want you to be taken down by the wicked, nor by the violent who erupt at the slightest disturbance. In these dark times, many are literally insane and growing more mad by the day. Others are likewise possessed of all manner of violent and bizarre demonic powers that will motivate them to deeds of great corruption and vileness.

Therefore, seek to find refuge in Me by believing on My Son Jesus Christ, who is the One sent for your salvation. When you see the extremes to which people are taken through sin, be thankful that you can be saved by believing upon Jesus and repenting of your own sins.

When I brought forth Adam and Eve, it was not My intention that they would be totally corrupted by sin. However, because of their susceptibility to the serpent’s enticing lies, they succumbed and brought banishment to themselves and curses upon all generations. I do not will men, women and children to the sins they commit; they choose such death and likewise they suffer from the same. I do not want you to be entrenched in suffering. Rather, I want you to be rejoicing because you have been redeemed.

There is no reason to be caught in the trap of lies set up at this time by the powers of darkness, when you are being given the opportunity to come forth in the truth that I give to you each day. Therefore, be glad to receive the truth through the Holy Spirit that I give to all who desire the same. After you have been redeemed from sin through salvation in Jesus, then I will give to you the Holy Spirit, whereby you can be led into all truth.

Lies do not benefit any one, and those who yield to lies become liars themselves. There are some who are habitual in lying deceits and cannot keep themselves from yielding to the same continually. This is because they have become addicted to lying, and therefore find the same to be their habit on a daily basis.

I do not want you to be entangled in lies; I want you to come forth in truth and be thankful to partake of the same each day. Know that I desire you to be following the mind of My Spirit, being uplifted each day in the instruction of the same. Be glad that you are not meant to go down under to the lying messengers that make themselves present at all times. Rather, you are meant to be uplifted by walking in truth and knowing that I am your Keeper, your Maker, your God.

Those who run into Me will find refuge as they are desirous of My way and not their own. I do not intend for you to be found intrenched in the prison house of self-determination. Those who believe in themselves are believing in fools, for all that men and women accomplish apart from Me amounts to nothing before Me.

In these days, far too many have bought into independence from Me, yet they are using crutches of all kinds to hold themselves up in their false images of success in whatever endeavors they are in. While they are resentful towards any mention of Me, they believe in themselves, all to their own destruction and damnation.

I call men, women and children to come unto Me and into Me that they can be kept during these stormy days of darkness and wickedness. It is Me the Living God who has room for all who want to be found abiding in My presence. I do not desire that rebels who want to remain as they are would attempt to falsely enter, for they are easily detected and given the orders to repent and humble themselves.

However, they will not be subjecting themselves to Me in any way whatsoever, because they have chosen to believe in their own greatness, which is delusion. I do not call you to be deluded; I call you to come forth uplifted in truth and thankful each day for the same. Be glad that you do not have to believe in how great you are. Rather, you can know how great I am, because you are abiding in My presence.

Let My Spirit search you this day and show to you what is your own determination, and what is My determination for you, then rejoice that you are brought forth by a plain path and given My light. When you see the old self attempting to determine your destiny, be aware that you do not need to succumb to the same. Rather, you can come forth rejoicing in Me, for I will keep you in the perfect peace that I provide to any and all who adhere to Me with gladness and rejoicing.

Many are the continual sorrows of those who determine their destiny apart from Me. Many are the joys of those who determine their lives to be lived for Me and My purposes. Know that you are meant to live in My joy continually, for I give the same to all who set their hopes in Me as the One who is able. When people are depending only upon themselves, they are building on sand, and by the same, their houses will collapse.

Thank Me that through Me you are guided in the pathway that is intended and you are given the joy of My presence, for I do not withhold the same from you. Therefore, know that you are indeed privileged to serve Me and be guided by My Spirit in the life, light and love given in abundance.