The Way of Fools

I speak to you this day and I declare it to be utterly stupid to end up in desolation and destitution because of spiritual laziness and sloth. Yet in these self-centered times, many have chosen the way of their own understanding, and they are loving it so. This is because inwardly they believe in themselves and their own capabilities, and they do not believe in My Spirit to direct and guide them.

Such ones as these are foolish children, for they do believe lies and love to esteem themselves to be something that they are not. Know of a surety that such ones as these will find no place in Me, because of their choices in opposition to Me. I do not call people to opposition; I call them to submission and admission into the eternal realms wherein I abide.

In these times, people are concerned and occupied with vanities and worldliness. For the most part, their hearts are far from Me, and they have gone a whoring after the foolery and vanities of the world. Through their own choices, people cut themselves off from the way that I provide.

When they stand before Me, many of them will howl in great sorrow and anguish, because they chose to go in the way of fools. However, it will be too late, for they have chosen darkness rather than light, and they have chosen their own understanding rather than the godly wisdom found in and through Me.

When My Spirit speaks to you and desires to guide you forth, do not seek to flee from the same. Rather, be in the attitude of gratitude because you are privileged to be redeemed from the penalty of the sins you had committed.

Whatever you do, do not look back at your former life with nostalgia and fond memories. Instead, let My Spirit reveal to you the opposition to Me that you lived in. Do not be under dumbness as an overseer or as a Christian parent and think that if you were raised as a pagan, you should teach others to partake of the same darkness. Realize that the lifestyle you were formerly a part of only kept you far from Me.

You are intended to partake of the instruction that I give you through My Spirit each day and to pass on the godly wisdom found in the same. Be thankful that you can serve Me with gladness and rejoicing, and put sorrow and sadness far from your state of mind. I do not find those who are constantly fretting and fussing to be well pleasing to Me in any way whatsoever.

This is because they are still trusting in their own understanding and their interpretation of how things should be. When you see such darkness being glorified, know that such ones as give glory to the workers of darkness are literately in darkness themselves. As My people, you are intended to give glory to Me and know that I care for you.

The world does not love the ones who are following in the way that I ordain for them to live in. Instead, the world will hate you and desire to see you destroyed. This is because the world is full of darkness and death. Thank Me that you can and will be uplifted in the newness of life as you remain as obedient children. It is Our desire to see you brought forth in the purpose and plan that is Mine to give.

Multitudes who demand to have things the way they want find themselves full of despair because their hearts are far from Me. While they bought into lies and believed liars, they end in desolation and destitution of soul. Then, because they have sought for sin rather than righteousness, they are damned. You are not called to be damned; you are called to partake of the blessedness that I give to those who walk uprightly in Me.

Let your hearts and your actions reflect the gratitude that you are meant to serve Me in. You are not meant to be in the attitude of the world, ever complaining and mad at everything and everybody. Instead, you are meant to have the attitude of gratitude and see the many mercies that I give to you each day.

Be thankful that I am your resource, your source, and your strength. Do not be reliant on yourselves; be relying on Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. Know that as I have started the good work in you, I am able to complete the same.

When your strength is diminished, call upon Me and you will find that I give you the stamina to go forward and complete the course that has been set before you. Be thankful to be saved. It is sad that people do not serve Me in thanksgiving.