Trust Not in Media’s Mediums

I speak unto you this day and I declare that you are Mine. Because you are Mine, you have realized your own accountability to be what I desire you to be. As you understand, your lives are no longer your own. When you chose to live for My Son Jesus Christ, you were born again of incorruptible seed.

Keeping this in mind, it has been made evident to you that you are not allowed to indulge the lusts and passions of your flesh. Those who choose to indulge themselves in the lusts and passions of their flesh will end with nothing, for they have chosen the vanities of the world above Me.

I do not find pleasure in the ones who have no respect nor regard for My desires in their lives. They are always burdened with the sorrows they bring to themselves, and the consequences of sin are always painful. Therefore, be aware that you are not called to such a lifestyle; you are called to respect and honor Me as the One you continue to serve.

Do not be as some are, hasty to give themselves over to a multitude of sinful behaviors while resenting the things that I have intended for them. Such as these, if they have experienced salvation through Jesus, do not last in the same, for they are as pigs who return to the wallow and dogs who eat up the very vomit that made them sick to begin with.

I do not intend for My people to be untrustworthy; they are intended to be useful in My kingdom as sons and daughters who will hear the commands of the Holy Spirit and obey the same with gladness and rejoicing. Thank Me that you are privileged to have My purpose in your lives. I remind you of how many there are in these times who have no purpose in their lives other than to kill, steal and destroy. Sad to say, they not only bring harm to others; they destroy themselves, all because they are covered by the master of wickedness, the devil.

You are living in times of increasing wickedness because the majority of those who claim to be Mine have not stood for the truth. They have given themselves over to divers sins and indulged without measure in the lusts of their flesh. They have allowed their minds to be the breeding ground for worldly lusts rather than the godly pursuits that I intend.

As you choose to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will find that I am enabled to give to you all that you have need of. Therefore, do not live in doubtful disputations in your minds against Me. Be thankful that you have been given the privilege to be redeemed from the life of sin and death that you were in. Each day through Me, you are given the limitless mercies which I do provide to all who will adhere to Me as the One they love.

You are not intended to end in hell; you are intended to continue as a steadfast people who are ever alive in Me. Therefore, be thankful to be redeemed and purposed in eternal life. As you continue hoping in Me, you are not made ashamed, for you are given the abundance of heavenly treasures that I do intend for you to partake of because I do not withhold any good thing from you. I know exactly what you need and I give to you the same. So many are complaining because they demand of Me according to their lusts, not according to their actual needs.

Those who continue in My way will find themselves filled daily on the power of My presence. This is because they have been given the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct them in the truth each day. Be knowing of a surety that there is none who is like unto Me. Be serving with gladness because I am your God, and you are My people.

As you continue in My way, you will realize more and more that the majority of people live their lives for nothing except themselves. They have been blinded by the god of this world, the devil, and therefore they follow his commands and end up destroyed and damned in the end.

Be aware that many are sinners in their minds and their deeds because they have refused Me. In such refusal, they are taken down the road of self-worship, which brings no satisfaction at all. These are not as the raucous sinners who call attention to themselves; they are the ones who go on ever locked on the treadmill of sin, getting nowhere in life except farther down the road that leads to damnation.

Because of the media bombardment which is continually available, the moral fiber of the nation has greatly deteriorated. No longer do men and women want the Biblical truths to be the foundation of the nation, for they are determined to bring in the “new order.” However, the tragedy is that the order they bring in is the order of death and destruction.

In these times, there are multitudes who are choosing hell and consider themselves wise in their own conceits. Such ones are not wise; they are foolish children who are cursed and are bringing curses upon their own generations. In a sense, they are sightless, for they are blindly led around by demon forces and choosing the iniquity of the sins of the flesh. They are unclean, and they like it that way.

Be thankful that you do not have to be as the ones who are damned, but you can be aligned with Me. Know that I am your God, your Maker, your Rock and your Refuge. In Me you will find the safety and security that you have need of in these times of great upheaval and chaos. Do not be putting trust in the mediums of media; put your trust in the words My Spirit speaks forth.