Extreme Opposition to God’s People

I speak unto you this day and I declare the truth. I know the rottenness of humanity and the decay which is destroying vast multitudes. Because I am who I say that I am, there is nothing hidden from Me. I send forth and have been sending forth the call for peoples all over the world to repent. Yet, in the stubbornness of pride, they are refusing to hear and obey. They take refuge in lies, and go down into deeper debauchery and the damnation of their own souls.

Why is it that generations are hard of heart and blind of eyes? They are stiff necked and proud, yet because this is the way that they go, I must withhold Myself that I do not destroy them all for their wickedness. I hold Myself back and send them displays of My sore displeasure that they will come to their senses and repent unto Me.

Because I am longsuffering, I patiently wait for humanity to awaken to their own sinfulness. Then they are enabled see their utter need to repent and return to Me as their God and their Creator. As I am doing this, those who do hear the call to repentance and obey the same are spared from the damnation of their own souls. As they repent, they can follow on to know Me and become faithful sons and daughters in this wicked, perverse and vile generation.

As you are aware, the moment that a person is born again, their new citizenship is established. Then the enemies begin to target them to bring them down into the bondage from which they have been freed. However, be aware likewise that as the battle begins, I have sent My Spirit to those who would receive Him along with the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ My Son. These forces are defeated if the people under attack seek refuge and strategy in My Son and My Spirit.

Thank Me that as you yourselves have experienced this process, you know fully that the opposition to following Me is extreme. Likewise, you come to understand fully how important it is that you keep in the pathway that I provide and use the weapons that I have given to you. Therefore, do not be as the foolish who cave in to the pressures that are levied against them and give up their salvation.

Know of a surety that you must fight the good fight of faith and continue to stand with Me, obeying the commands given to you by and through My Spirit. It is a good thing to be knowing that I am ever present to give to you all that you have need of each and every day. As you keep your eyes, hearts and minds focused upon Me, you will develop in your relationship with Me.

As the heavenly Father, I desire that My children would come forth in the way that I have for them. However, I fully understand that not all will continue, as many will turn aside and return to the world and the darkness of the same. I do not intend for you to be numbered with such ones; I intend for you to walk uprightly in Me as the One who loves you and desires to see you guided in Me.

Be thankful even this day that you are uplifted and given the strength to continue steadfast in what I ordain, that you are not taken down by demon forces nor by your own deceitful carnality. Do not trust in your own hearts, for truly the human heart is deceitful and is gravitated towards sin and death. The foolish will fall to folly repeatedly because they trust in themselves. Be putting your trust in Me as the One who wants you to finish your course in the righteousness that I intend for you to partake of day by day.

Be glad even now that you are not amongst the stupid, the dull, the dumb who have been led astray. These wander in desolation of soul and find themselves left with nothing in the end. Look at the vast army of wanderers who are throughout the land. The majority of them are those who have known of Me, then abandoned My way.

When men, women and even children forsake Me as the fountain of living water and drink of the polluted waters of death and damnation, they take themselves down into the clutches of their destruction by their choices.

Do not allow the sources of darkness to overshadow you. Instead, be present to receive the light that I give to you each and every day. The more that you are attentive to My Spirit, the more you are guided forth in the path that I have purposed for you. My people are not meant to be aimless wanderers; they are meant to be led by the power of My Spirit and thankful that they can perceive and receive of Me each day.

Be glad even now that you do not need to find refuge in those things that I have not intended for you. Rather, you can find peace in Me, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Therefore, be glad that you know Me as your God, and that you do not need to follow the many delusions that take men and women far from Me.

When it is Me that you follow, you are led forth in the path that I give to you, and you are uplifted in the goodness of who I am. Know of a surety this day that I am ever present to give to you all that you need, and that I do not keep back any good thing from you. Thank Me even now that through My purpose and intent, you are strengthened and given My light upon the path.

Do not waver in your dedication unto Me. Instead, keep ever believing and receiving each day, for through Me you are given the abundance of life, love and light that I provide.