I speak to you this day, My people, and I declare it to be true that you are Mine. That means in essence that I am your Father and you are My children. It is Me, the heavenly Father, who desires to give good gifts to you as My children. Know of a certainty that I do not intend evil for you, but the good that I have in preparation for those who love Me and walk in My way.

Therefore, be assured that I am with you and that My Holy Spirit is ever present to guide you in the way that I intend for you to walk in. I do not find pleasure in those who talk as though they love Me, yet their actions are filled with the values of the world. My people are intended to imitate Jesus Christ, My beloved Son. Their actions are not meant to be full of worldliness and the evils of the same.

Yet, there are multitudes who claim the be Christian as they are walking afar off from Me, and only talking as though they love Me. The truth is that I know the hearts and the deeds of all peoples. I want My people to be the imitation of Christ, not the imitation of worldliness. Be faithful and true, as you are led forth by the Holy Spirit in the way that is ordained and established for you to walk in. There is no reason to be deviated off of the pathway; there is every reason to be kept in the same.

There are multitudes who have chosen to follow the foolery and the folly of the world, and the end of the same is death. You are not intended to follow the folly of the world; you are intended to follow the leading of My Spirit. If you look at the departure of multitudes from My way, you will see that they are full of blasphemy and hypocrisy by the very deeds they commit daily. They have lost all respect for Me, and choose by their doings to have their identity in the values of worldliness, which leads them into further ungodliness and immoral behaviors. Such ones as these are fools who will be taken in their folly. They will not be found in Me, but will end in hell.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude because you have been given the privilege to be redeemed and extracted from the road to death and damnation that you were on. There are those who believe that by their adherence to religious ritual they are all right with Me. However, this is not true, for their understanding is darkened, and they too commit many sins against Me. Although they may not reflect wicked behavior in the fleshly realm, they are not upright in the spiritual dimension, because they have kept their lives for themselves. They are esteeming themselves to be fine, because they are adhering to religiosity rather than righteousness. Thank Me that you can walk in the way that I intend, when you keep your vision steadily upon Me as the One you are meant to serve with gladness.

Do not think that you are obligated to think that such ones are of My fold; they are not. Those who are of My fold will follow Me, and another they will not follow. They know Me, and it is Me they desire to please. Thank Me that you can follow Me and not wander after the vast multitude of other gods who are awaiting those who are choosing death rather than life. Be glad even this day to be uplifted, directed and guided forth by a plain path, and to know that I am indeed the One who brings you forth each day.

Do not be weary in well doing. Continue as a steadfast people who are ever attentive unto the directions given to you by the Holy Spirit. Keep on declaring Me, for I am the author and the finisher of your faith. Do not fail to give testimony to the fact that I am the good Father, who is waiting for the prodigals to return to Me and be re-established in My house.

Likewise, I love when sinners hear the call to repent and they do so, by making changes in their lives as they look to Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Be busy about My commission and do not neglect the same. When you are doing the things that I intend, then are you enabled to continue steady in the way that is My righteousness and My glory being revealed through My own. My people are meant to be the reflection of the light that is found in Me.

Therefore, do not allow darkness to dwell in your hearts and your minds and by the same be found destitute in the end. You are not meant to be a people who are overly absorbed in the vanities of this present world. You are meant to be the ones who are adhering unto Me as the One who is righteousness and ever-present power.

Be willing in your service unto Me. Do not begrudge or resent Me and by such give a handle to the devil. Those who yield to begrudging and resenting Me are dumb, for they are obeying demonic input in their attitudes. Thank Me even this day that you are not meant to be troubled continually by the powers of darkness that are in the world at this time.

Be glad that you are uplifted, directed and corrected each day, and kept in the way that is provided. When you look at the troubles that men and women have brought to themselves through their own choices, be thankful to choose Me and follow My Spirit’s directives. Those who are choosing the way of darkness are choosing their own sorrows and will pay for their choices against Me. Those who choose My light are to be directed each day in the truth that I alone do provide.

Be glad even this day to choose Me and know that I am the One who gives to you all that you need. Thank Me that you are purposed in the eternal way of life, love and light.