Fear Control – Demise of Multitudes

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not intend you to be mastered by fear. Therefore, pay heed to Me this day and know of a certainty that I will bring you forth by a plain path if you are attentive to My Spirit. The major force that the wicked use against the just is fear. The workers of wickedness conspire together to get My people bowing down to fear and by the same refusing to obey Me.

I have not called My people to disobedience. Rather, they are called to trust themselves to Me and to keep on the pathway that is provided by Me for them to walk in. I do not intend for those who are Mine to be found afar off in the way that is for fools. I have called My people to walk uprightly each day, knowing that it is Me that they serve. Likewise, they will be aware that I am their safety and their shield, ever present unto them.

Therefore, do not be hasty to walk afar off from Me and to go in the way of fools. The biggest fools of all are the ones who have known Me, then turned aside due to the pressure of the enemy forces against them. You are not intended to bow down to fear and by the same be overwhelmed. Rather, you are meant to find your refuge in Me and believe Me above all of the tactics of the enemies. Those who have endured persecutions, prosecutions and prison have learned to master over fear by trusting their lives to Me.

When you are trusting your lives to Me, you will not have to live in the shadow of Egypt and seek your counsel of the world. Instead, you will be realizing that I am greater than all of the power sources of mankind. Seeing the game of politics, you come to understand that even the ones who esteem themselves to be eternal rulers are easily done away with.

That does not mean that you conspire against them in any way. That means that you keep busy about My business and leave the rest to Me. That means in essence that I am the defense of My people, and it is Me who will keep them as they are obedient unto Me as their Maker.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, because it is Me who is giving to you the newness of life that I provide. Do not be looking to the heathen as though they are greater than I. They are not. They are mere human beings, and it is Me who can and will take their lives as it pleases Me. You are to follow in the pattern of My Son. He let His enemies know that they could not take His life but that He laid it down in obedience to Me.

As you will mentally arm yourselves to be at peace with Me, then the enemies will find no handle of fear with which they can control you. Be glad even this day that I bring you by a plain path, and that very pathway is the way beautiful.

Did not My own Son Jesus declare that many would not continue to follow Him because they were not willing to suffer for His name? Therefore, do not think it a strange thing when you see how many have caved in to fear. In turning back, such ones are returning to the pit from which they were extracted, and their end will be bitter because they allowed fear to master them. My people are meant to be mastered by Me, not any other god or evil power source.

Thank Me that I am the Living God who bears rule over you and keeps you in My way, which is truth, light, life and hope. When you see the rulership that is in place in this hour, you see multitudes who have been sucked in to fear and are held in bondage to the same. Every thing, every move they make, is being directed by the demons of fear. They literally become so fearful that they are possessed of fear, driven by fear, and governed by the dictates of fear.

Be glad that you are not held in such a bondage. Instead, you are enabled to walk uprightly in Me, for you will be guided forth in the way where in My angels will guard you. Be thankful unto Me that you are kept and that you are given the covering of courage rather than fear. The more that you look to Me, the more you will know of a surety that you are protected by Me.

Some believe that they should never suffer as believers in My Son. Such is not true, for the world hates true believers. When you are identified with My Son, you will know and understand plainly that you will suffer, yet you will be given the courage to endure the same. That endurance will add virtue to you as you become stronger and more determined to stay true in your testimony of My kingdom.

Be thankful that it is not in vain that you keep in Me, for in so doing you are protected and encouraged daily. Those who give up and turn back become dead by their actions, for even if their bodies remain living, they are dead in spirit, and therefore prematurely dead. I do not intend for you to be dead. Rather, I intend for you to be very much alive and alert in Me.

Thank Me that you do not need to face your days in dread because you are dead in spirit. Rather, through Me you are ever alive and being directed in the way that is eternal life. If you keep single in your vision, you will not undergo the agonies of the damned, which so many are bound in at this time. Instead, you will be ever uplifted in the power of My presence, and knowing the encouragement of the same.

Be glad that you are not bound in the clutches of fear and totally ruled by the same. Remember, I am stronger than any other power source, and through Me you will prevail. Be glad to know Me, as I am the covering of life, love and light unto you.