Millions Perishing in Pride Prison

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I remind you of the leaven that leavens the whole lump. I say, beware of the leaven of pride, for the same has caused the death of multitudes. When My Son Jesus was walking among the sons of men and declaring the call for them to repent, He refused to give the religious leaders a sign when they asked of Him. This was because He was aware that they were so proud and wanted one more thing to criticize about Him and find fault with His ministry.

They were completely bound in pride, and their hearts were far from Me. Because they had chosen to go a whoring after pride, they were hard and bound in the contempt they held for Me and for My Son. They were convinced that they did not have to repent, because they saw themselves as perfect in their own eyes. However, they were covered in pride, but so blinded that they could not see their own need to repent.

Such ones as these were a disgust to Me and a shame to My name. I did not find pleasure in them, nor in their abominable pride which they wore like a robe of self-righteousness. They repeatedly showed how foolish they were. They plotted and schemed to destroy My Son for telling the people the truth. Yet Jesus continued to fulfill the purpose that I had for Him upon earth and He did not turn back from the same. He continued steadfast in the commission and the call that He gave to sinners to repent and be restored to communication with Me as their heavenly Father.

Those who were convicted of their sins by the Holy Spirit and repented for their evil deeds, made efforts to change their ways. The ones who refused the call to repent did so because they were under the spell of the religious leaders, who were full or pride and contempt for My way. So it has remained for the generations. Those who refused Jesus lost their hope of salvation. Those who repented were brought forth in newness of life.

Much of the truth that had been given to the disciples of Jesus in the time that He came and taught men, women and children, was lost or forbidden by the religionists. This is because the same spirit of pride permeated to such a degree that the religious leaders wanted to totally be in control and were posing themselves to be as gods.

However, despite the onslaughts of the devil and his demons against the truth, the fact is that many have given their all to see the truth restored. Some, in their stand for the truth, lost their physical lives. However, they did not lose what they had in Me, for it was My intention, as they were martyred, that they would be glorified in Me and given welcome into My kingdom.

Know that the devil and his forces hate the truth and all who are standing for the truth. When any people are willing to be identified with My Son, they will be hated and spoken evil of. Many will be their persecutors, who want them destroyed. Such vicious hatred as these ones show forth is the consequence of pride and contempt for Me and My Son. This is because they are working for death rather than life.

Be thankful that you do not have to be involved with that which is death but you can come forth in My life. When you are partaking of My life, of course you are being uplifted and replenished. Those who are locked in by pride are in a terrible prison house. Behind the walls of pride, people are undergoing all manner of sorrows and sufferings. The truth is, there are some who are in “Pride Prison” because they refused My way. Locked into the prison of pride, they do not have the humility to repent, and therefore their miseries continue.

Likewise, there are multitudes who became puffed on pride and turned from My way and took up the way of pretension and pain. That is, they know in their own hearts that they have turned from Me, yet they put on the mask of pretension and live out their lives in the inward pain of knowing they forsook Me.

I absolutely do not call men and women to be in captivity behind the massive walls of pride that hold them. However, they are there, and of course there is only one way out. That way is repentance. Jesus Christ is ever ready to receive any and all who repent. This is why it is so important that the call to repentance continue to be put forth in this wayward and wicked generation.

Multitudes are perishing daily, and pride is the plague that is sweeping them away. Be aware that pride in all of its forms is deadly, and like a plague, it spreads itself out and causes much distress. Pride affects many, and the sorrows of the same are increased as men and women accept pride as their prison. Not only does pride alter the personality of the ones who are in slavery to this abomination, but it also spreads to others and affects their lives as well.

When My Spirit exposes pride, do not act as though it is not so. Realize that you need to repent and not become bound in any form of pride. To live in pride is to put yourself into captivity and slavery to death. You are meant to be in the life and the freedom found in Me.

Thank Me that through Me you will be uplifted, guided, and given the mercies that I delight to give to My people. Serve Me in the attitude of gratitude that you are not bound in pride and dying from the plague of the same. Through Me, you have been set free to partake of that which I give both daily and freely. Let humility cover you.