Corrected and Kept

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Know of a surety that I am the God who is ever present. My people are not left alone, for I have given to them the Holy Spirit to guide them forth in the truth. In a time when lies and liars are conspiring to bring all under their control, you are not subject to them, nor to their attempts at controlling you.

Be thankful that there are multitudes who have chosen to divert their attention away from the world and give themselves to Me. Even though the liars are attempting to be in total control, that is not happening, because My people are meant to be kept in the way that I intend, which is eternal. Because I have given them the Holy Spirit, they are able to differentiate between the precious and the vile. In such a differentiation is safety, for they are not led down the road of deception and likewise taken into captivity.

Know of a certainty that when I am giving to you all that you need, then you will be kept in the way that I intend and directed in the pathway that I provide. It is indeed a privilege to be directed in the truth when multitudes are being engulfed in lies and in captivity to liars. You are not intended to follow after lying messengers and be swallowed up in the monstrosity of lies that are dominating many in these times.

Reality is that those who choose to believe in lying messengers are by the same devoured. Why should I want My people to be devoured when they are meant to be uplifted, guided, and given the divine direction I have for them?

Know that I have intended for My people to be showing forth the glory that I give to them because they are indeed My people. My people are, as they remain true, glorious, and it is My glory that shines through them. Be thankful this day that through Me the power of My presence is made evident to any and all who will desire Me. This is the time to see that the wicked do not prevail against the just, for I am the Keeper of My own.

Do not walk afar off from Me and go in the way of the wicked, for any reason. It is not in wickedness that you are meant to dwell. Rather, you are intended to keep your hope stayed upon Me as the One who keeps you each and every day.

While you may not think that there is danger lurking, yes, there is, for multitudes are being swallowed up in death and damnation, who thought that they were able to keep themselves. However, they were not able to keep themselves in Me when the absolute pressure of circumstances came to beat down on them.

It is not My intention that My people would cave in to the pressures of circumstances and be overwhelmed. It is My intention that My people would remain ever present in Me as the One who is well able to uplift and bring them forth by a plain path each and every day. My Holy Spirit is your ever present guide, and through Him you are directed in the way that I intend.

Be serving each day in gratitude, for I give to you tender mercies day by day. I love to bless My people and show them that I am the One who is well able to do for them what no man can do. When you are looking to the world, you are looking to darkness rather than light. I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who will walk uprightly in Me.

Do not be weary in well doing, for you are privileged to be redeemed and to be enabled to declare My goodness to a lost and dying generation. Repeatedly, I bring wrath, yet I still extend the invitation to the dying, the desolate. When I am extending My mercies, then the desolate, the dying are enabled to come into Me and partake of the infinite mercies that are in Me. I do not find pleasure in the death of the wicked. I find pleasure in the repentance of any and all who will see the error of their ways.

Be glad that I am the One who enables you to rejoice because you are privileged to be redeemed and are no longer under the curse. Whenever anyone truly walks in Me, they are kept from many of the sorrows, tragedies and sicknesses that beset the wicked.

It is My intention that My people would be partaking of the goodness of who I am, because they are Mine. I do not find pleasure in an adulterous people whose hearts are so far from Me. Keep your hearts with diligence, that is, do not give way to the endless diversities that people are being lured into in these times. You do not have to experience the devil’s diversities. Rather, let yourselves be kept by following the direction of My Spirit and being made glad in the same.

There are many who have been deceived by the liar, and they are literally loving deception more than the truth. There is no reason to be deceived. There is every reason to be uplifted and guided in the truth, for the same is My intention for My people. Thank Me that through the direction of the Holy Spirit you are given abundance of goodness day by day. It is indeed a good thing to be caught up to the realms wherein I abide. It is stupidity to walk in death when you are meant to be in the life that is in Me.

Remain repentant, restored to fellowship with Me, and partaking of the same. Be glad and rejoice, for I am omnipresent to give you exactly what you need each and every day. It is a good thing to know that you are loved by Me as the One who gives you the direction and the correction that you need. Those who receive correction are the ones that are acceptable in My sight. Thank Me that through Me you are corrected and kept.