Fast Train to Hell and Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I declare that in obedience there is victory for My people. When My people are obediently serving Me, then no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper. However, when they turn aside and take up the world’s ways, then they do not know the victories that could have been given to them.

In looking at the history of My people of old, they knew victory when they walked humbly before Me. However, when pride set in and the contempt that such pride gave them for My way, then they were defeated and taken into captivity by the heathen. The cycle repeated itself continually as they were given to spiritual adultery and turning aside to the idolatry of the heathen round about them.

When they turned aside to idols, they committed abominations before Me, and because they came under demonic rule, their deeds were often more sinful than the sins of the heathen. Know of a certainty that I found no pleasure in My people when they went a whoring from Me and followed after other gods.

It has never been My intention that My people would take up the idolatrous practices of those who were estranged from Me. Yet, because they were wise in their own eyes, puffed up on pride, My people treated Me with contempt and disrespect over and over. Never did I intend for My people to behave in such a way, yet they did. This was because they were sure that I would be with them in their sinful departures from Me.

However, they were sadly mistaken, and as the consequence they brought tragedy to themselves and their children as well. Know of a certainty that the same remains true even now. When My people depart from Me and take up the ways of the world, they bring sorrow to themselves as well as to their generations. Untold sufferings that beset humanity are the consequence of departure from Me and choosing the abominations of the ungodly as the “new” way of life.

The truth is, departure from Me is not a new way of life. It is the way of death and damnation of soul. Those who have known Me and walked in My way are of course intended to continue in My way. If they, for whatever reason, choose to depart from Me, they bring multiplied curses to themselves as well as to their generations. Such curses are the just punishments that they invite by their disobedience and disrespect towards Me.

In these times of gross darkness, My people are meant to keep single in their vision and to walk uprightly in the way that I do give them to walk in. When they do as I intend, they know the victorious way that is My desire for them. As they are serving Me in obedience, then they see that indeed, I am with them. They are meant to be the light and the salt in this sin-cursed earth. If My people keep their first estate, then the heathen can see by their example that My way is the higher way.

It was My intention in the days of old that My people would walk uprightly in Me and respect the way that I provided for them. When they did so, then they were kept by Me even when there were enemies bigger and stronger than they were. Over and over, I provided miraculous victories for My people, and by the same they were kept.

So it is even now. When My people will keep themselves unspotted from the world, then the world does not overwhelm nor overtake them. There are those who can and do testify that it is Me who gives to them exactly what they need because they are in compliance with My desires. Do not imagine that you must be serving the demon gods of this world in order to please others. The One you are meant to please is Me, and when you do, then you are kept in the victorious, higher way that I give.

If you look at the condition that the world is in, you will see that their gods do not do them any good whatsoever. Those who turn from godliness to take up worldliness are turning from life to death. In such transgression, they show themselves to be fools, who will be destroyed by their folly if they do not repent and return to Me.

As you well know, the world is headed down to destruction. Those who are along for the ride cannot get off the fast train to hell that they are on. People and nations who choose such a ride are choosing the way of damnation rather than the salvation way that I provide. When those who have known Me choose the fast train to hell, they are stupid, dull and dumb in My sight. I am grieved and angered by their foolery, and for the same they receive punishments and defeats they had never imagined when they served Me.

Keeping these things in mind, make it your practice to serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, because I will give to you exactly what you need and I will purpose you in the way that is life. Thank Me that you are given My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you forth each day in the truth that is intended for you to live in.

Be glad that you do not have to be found in the way of transgressors, for that way is hard. There are multitudes even now who are in hardships they never even imagined because of their transgressions or the transgressions of their ancestors. As you serve Jesus, the curse of sin is broken, and you are free to live victoriously in Me!