God Keeps You Safe from the Death Gang

I speak unto you this day and I say: I am not mocked; I know the thoughts and the deeds of all, and I give to men, women and children according to their doings. Therefore, those who imagine that they are deceiving Me are only deceiving themselves. Be fully aware that I see and hear all.

Be thankful that I do not allow the ones who are true to Me to be taken in the fury that I am pouring forth at this time upon the defiant nations and the rebellious peoples who are disrespecting Me. As you are serving Me in gladness and rejoicing, you will marvel that I am the One who is well able, and that I more powerful than all of the powers of nations.

There are many in these times who are living in the imagination that they are far above where they really are. This is because they are drunk on pride and believing themselves to be something that they are not. Know of a surety that I am not impressed with the wicked in their pride, nor in their imaginations as to how great they are. Such imaginations are conjecture and fantasy. They are literally blasphemous towards Me.

I have never intended that My people would live and die in such a state of being, yet there are multitudes who do. This is because while they are claiming to be Mine, they are loving themselves and exalting themselves falsely, according to fantasy and not reality.

It is not My intention that My people would end in the ditch of drunkards. Yet, when they give themselves over to pride, they will end in the ditch and there they will remain. Those who give way to pride are foolish, for pride is abomination unto Me. To be devoured and devastated by pride is the drunkard’s cup.

Just as a man or woman who partakes of alcohol in excess becomes intoxicated naturally, so do those who partake of pride become intoxicated in the spirit dimension. They are no longer sober-minded. Rather, they are irrational and disrespectful because of intoxication.

Do not choose the folly of fools. Fools refuse to pay heed to sound counsel and prefer to listen to lies. It is by their own choices that people are either foolish or wise. Choose to listen to the counsel of My Holy Spirit, and be instructed in the way of godly wisdom where in you find My life in abundance.

Thank Me that I give to you the privilege to choose according to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your lives. When you see the darkness of the drunken, know that they are choosing that themselves. It is by their own choosing that they are headed down the road of despair that will end them in the wretchedness of their own understanding.

Give Me thanks and praise this day that I the Living God do intend for you to be rejoicing daily because it is Me that you are bowing unto and not the god of self. Those who are attempting to please and satisfy themselves are attempting the impossible because they are believing in themselves. Yet the truth is that the old nature is as a dethroned ruler, ever trying to regain the throne.

Therefore, be aware that the old you wants to regain the authority over your lives. Because of such, there will be a constant bantering of the old nature against My new nature and the Holy Spirit guidance that has been given unto you. While you have heard the real truth over and over, do you pay heed to the same and respect and honor Me?

In these times, there are many who have chosen abomination and the desolation that ends in damnation as people are being blinded by pride and esteeming themselves to be superior. Actually, there is only one way that is superior, and that is the way that leads to the cross and death to the old nature.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for when you are in such an attitude, you will be able to perceive and receive the abundance of goodness that I have in preparation for the faithful. Unfortunately for those who have turned aside, they will not be enabled to receive My abundance, because they’ve cut themselves off from the same. The more that they choose the iniquity of their own understanding, the more sinful they become.

Choice is a very dominating factor in the lives of any and all who have the opportunity to serve Me. Therefore, do not be quick to walk afar off from Me and go in the way of darkness. Remember it is a great privilege to walk with Me each day and to understand that I am the God who is well able to uplift you in the newness of life, love and light. In a world full of darkness, I give to the true the clear light upon the path that keeps them headed in the way that I intend.

Be ever glad that you are not guided into a ditch. Rather, you are directed in the pathway that is everlasting and eternal. All other ways are falsehood and fantasy, and all who partake of satanic deceptions are falling prey to the same lies that beset Eve and her husband Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Why should you be subject to deception when you can be directed by My Holy Spirit in the way that is intended? Therefore, do not even allow the tempter to present you with his seductive lies and fantasies that cause death. Rather, be cleaving to the way that the Holy Spirit directs you in, and know of a surety that when you choose My way, of course you are alive and ever thriving in Me.

Do not yield your eyes, your ears, your steps or your hearts to the deceiver. Be quick to refuse, refute and rebuke the liar and his lying cohorts. The devil and his demon associates are in a pact to kill, steal and destroy any and all who are vulnerable enough to yield to the lying and deceptions of the death gang.

Be all the more glad that I go give to you all that you need to be uplifted, directed, and shown the way of eternal life. As you choose to walk therein, the death gang will rant and rage against you. Know that you are safe from the death gang.