Beware the Mainstream Media Mind

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me you are meant to be involved with, and not the crafty inventions of men. Inasmuch as you are living in a time of great technological advancements, multitudes are captivated by the same. There are endless devices that take control of those who are using them, until the users are being used.

I do not call you to be used; I call you to be Mine. That means that if you use a device, then you are not being possessed of the device. Instead, you are the ones who are in control rather than being controlled. This is because when you are adhering to Me as your Master, you cannot be mastered by the very things that have entire generations under control.

Be glad that you are separated unto Me. I do not intend you to be absorbed into the “mainstream” and be overwhelmed and overtaken by the compromising spirits that have led many into captivity. When you consider the history of My people of old, every time they sought to be as the heathen round about, the mainstream, they lost out with Me. This is because they abandoned their identity with Me in order to be absorbed by the multitudes who surrounded them.

You are not intended to be as the worldly peoples who are everywhere. If I wanted you to conform to the spirits that rule in this wicked world, I would never have given you My Holy Spirit. My intention is for you to be under the mind of My Spirit rather than the “media mind” that has swallowed up the minds of millions and is still seeking to devour more.

Because of the devices that the demon spirits work through, multitudes have lost any sense of differentiation between the right and the wrong. Most are no longer able to differentiate between good and evil because of the evil that surrounds them day and night.

You are not meant to be in surrender to the spirits of evil invention; you called to be separated unto Me and consecrated to My plans and purposes for your lives. Therefore, do not be consumed with the “media mind” that rampages, raids and ravages day and night. Realize that the workers of iniquity are at work continually, devastating, destroying and devouring the unexpecting and even passively submitted souls who yield to them.

There are countless numbers of persons in these times who are passively submitted to forces of evil because they have been so accustomed to the same. They have grown up with these deceiving spirits, and take the same to be the “way of life” for these times. However, I do not call My people to be enthralled with the spirits of the world; I call them to be enthralled with Me. That is, their attention is meant to be upon Me and not the world that surrounds them.

Be thankful this day that it is Me the Living God you can be looking unto continually. You have been given by Me the Holy Spirit, who guides you in the pathway, plan and purpose you are meant to live in. Therefore, in these times of all-out war and treacherous underminings against the truth, be thankful that My Holy Spirit is sent to lead and guide you into all truth.

Do not be enthralled with the media mind, for the same is darkness and leads to spiritual and natural death. I have no intention for My children who are children of the light to be engrossed in the death that leads to damnation of soul. Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, because it is Me the Living God who gives to you all that you will ever need to be uplifted and guided forth by a plain path.

When you consider that My Holy Spirit lives in you and is with you continually, you are never left to flounder, nor to be taken into captivity by the media mind. Thank Me that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit you are directed forth in the blessedness that I intend for the ones who remain faithful unto Me.

Do not be ashamed to have your identity in Me, for I am the One who bears rule over you, and I am the One who gives life unto you day by day. Sad to say, there are many who have sought to have the world rule over them rather than Me. Why should you be in such a mindset when you are meant to be in subjectivity to Me as the One who loves you?

Keeping this in mind, beware of the worldliness that surrounds you, that you do not cleave to the same and forsake Me. There are multitudes who once were serving My Son, who have forsaken the fountain of living waters and returned to the filthy waters of worldliness and sin. They drink of the polluted waters of death and claim the same to be refreshing.

Such ones as these have surrendered themselves to be mastered by the media mind, and in the same are being consumed. The same surrender with which they were meant to be cleaving unto Me is now being given by them to the world and all of the ungodly notions of the same. You are not intended to be absorbed into the mainstream and drowned in the filthy waters of sin. You are meant to be separated, consecrated and dedicated unto Me as your Master and Lord.

Be glad that you do not have to end up shipwrecked and being washed away by the waves of the sea of iniquity. Rather, you can remain kept in Me, as it is Me that you look to as the rock of refuge, the high tower of strength and safety. I am ever present to those who choose to remain in Me.