Nations and Peoples Under Wrath Deserve It

I speak unto you this day and I say that I will punish those who have imagined that they could do as they well pleased and get by. However, the truth is that none gets by on Me, for I am the Living God and I bring down My wrath even upon those who are claiming to be My people, yet are living in sin and imagining they get by.

Be aware that none gets by on Me, for I am the God whose power and glory supersede all of the nations of mankind, even those who are claiming that they are of Me. The nations that have had the knowledge of Me then have abandoned Me, are doubly accountable, for they have turned from My mercy and chosen to invite My wrath by their sinful ways.

I am not hasty to destroy those who are transgressors. I send My prophets, My messengers unto them to warn them of what will come upon them if they do not repent and return to Me. However, as they are indulging themselves in the uncleanness of their own fleshly lusts, they are inviting My wrath, fury and indignation to be released upon them.

Before Me, they are utterly foolish. By their transgressions, they multiply darkness and cause even their own children to perish under the same. It is not My intention that they would be devoured and destroyed. However, they are the ones who are proud and full of lust for the ways of the heathen.

When you see the utter darkness that is invading the land, such would not be had My own people stood against sin. However, they have chosen worldliness above righteousness, and consequently they are guilty before Me. Therefore, do not think it strange when I openly display My sore displeasure with their idolatries and adulteries that they so quickly give themselves unto. They are not redeemed from My wrath, because they defiantly refuse to repent and return to Me as their Creator.

Do not go a whoring in any way after the world and the ways of the heathen, as you are called to be remaining true to Me. I will not reveal My wrath upon the ones who are living for Me. I instead will keep them in the midst of My fury poured forth. With that in mind, rest assured that it is Me the Living God who finds satisfaction in those who abandon themselves unto Me and live for My purpose and not their own.

Be all the more thankful to be serving Me totally, because you will see more and more, as My wrath is being revealed against the rebellious nations, that My mercies are present for you. The reality is that I call My people to be My holy nation, separated and consecrated unto Me, coming forth in the way that I intend for them to adhere to. When My true people are seeking to please Me, then I find them to be a joy rather than a sorrow.

Why should I the Living God be in continual sorrow over the transgressing nations that have grown hardened and calloused in their rebellion? Know of a surety that I see the sins of all. However, even in the rebellious nations I do not punish the righteous, who have been persecuted by the defiant ones who have trampled My standard. Instead, I make the way for them when it appears that there is no way. I am the One who is well able to do miracles for My people, and I do. Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing. Continue steadfast, knowing that it is My intention to give forth mercy to the ones who stay true.

There is no reason to live in violation and degradation, going after the stupidity that ends in death and damnation. Yet the multitudes have, like a herd of pigs driven by demons, rushed headlong into the sea of iniquity, wherein they are being overwhelmed and drowned in sin.

I did not create mankind to come to such a wretched end. However, because of rebellion, people are literally taking the way that will prove to be their own destruction. There is only so long that I plead with the wicked to repent. If they stubbornly refuse, then they are the ones who will see My wrath revealed against them in repeated waves.

Therefore, be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude that you can be found under the shadow of My wings, with mercy bestowed upon you daily. Be alert and attentive to the commands of My Holy Spirit and obey the same, for the Spirit will guide you continually in the way that is mercy. It is a good thing to know that through Me you are ever being uplifted, guided and given all that you have need of.

While there are ways that seem right unto people, those ways are not My way. When nations and peoples have known My way then turned away from Me, they are fools who are right in their own eyes. Just because people think they are right does not mean that they are. The only way that people stay right is by listening to the Holy Spirit commands and walking in the same with gladness.

Indeed, you are privileged to be redeemed by the sacrifice of My Son. Continue to respect and honor His life laid down for you. When you see the turning away of those who claim that they are My people, you do not have to be taken in their transgressions. Rather, you can continue to be separated unto Me despite the actions of many.

When those who claim they are Mine have gone a whoring, they will be punished for the same. I do not tolerate the ways of the wicked, and those who are choosing such are nothing but fools before Me. Be wise and alive in Me as your Maker, your God.