Those Wanting Their Own Way Are Hell Bound

I speak unto you this day and I say that as you are honoring Me, so will I honor you. I delight in a people who are living their lives for Me despite any and all circumstances that they are in. I do not find pleasure in those who seek to keep their lives for themselves, when they should be living for Me. Yet multitudes are seeking to keep their lives, and in the same, they are losing out with Me as the One True God who cares for them.

It is foolishness to seek to preserve the old life, for the same ends in death and leads to destruction and damnation. The ones who truly love Me will realize that the only true life is found in and through Me. Therefore, be as those who are choosing Me and likewise being guided by My Holy Spirit each and every day. I definitely do not intend for you to go in the way of fools and be ensnared and taken down to the way of destruction and damnation. You are called and chosen by Me to live in the triumphant victory that comes of total commitment unto Me.

Consider that My Son did not back up on His commitment to Me as His Father. He obeyed even unto the point of the cruel death He endured on the cross, in order to give life to those who believe upon Him as My Son. He is the only One who could and would save men and women from the punishment they were due to receive for their sins.

Jesus is the pattern that all of those who will be true to Me must follow. I have given Him as the One who is well able to deliver any and all who will desire the new life that He brings. Those who are in obedience to the Spirit will come to know Him as Savior and Lord, and likewise be rejoicing for the abundance of goodness that is found in My way.

There are upon this earth endless multitudes who live and die and are remembered no more, because they chose according to the flesh and did not seek for the spiritual life that is found through Jesus. Men and women go in the ways that seem right unto them, but those ways lead to their death and damnation. Hell is continually enlarging herself to accommodate the multitudes who enter into hell because they loved to have things their own way.

When people are seeking to have their own way, all manner of evil erupts as the consequence of the same. Know of a surety that I did not intend for men and women to have their own way, for the same will prove to be the destruction of the possibility they had for salvation. When you see the self-centered who insist and persist that they get their way, know that they are foolish in such choices.

Those who are living for themselves and are sowing to the flesh, will of the flesh reap corruption. How many, when in hell, regret the choices they made on earth? Yet they would do the same thing all over again, because it is themselves that they love and they always want to be in control. When they are in hell, they will have no control over the torments that will bombard them continually.

They will not be able to be in control in any way whatsoever, for they cannot stop the never-ending torments and agonies of the damned that will be ever present unto them. Be thankful that you have relinquished the control of your lives unto Me and that in so doing, it is My Holy Spirit that leads and guides you in life, love and light. As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you understand how important it is that your lives are controlled by My Spirit and not by demon spirits.

It is a good thing to be loved by Me and to love Me with all of your hearts. I delight in those who are subjecting themselves to My Spirit’s control each and every day because they want My way above the way of their own carnality. My Spirit will lead and guide any who so loves Me in the way that is eternal and everlasting. There is no torment nor agony of the damned given to the ones who are appreciative of their salvation and living their lives in compliance with the divine purpose I have ordained for them.

Do not be full of the foolishness of the flesh, for the same is nothing but the snare of the old nature that wants you back in subjectivity. Realize that you are living with your own worst enemy, who hates the fact that you are no longer a slave to sin and the lust of the flesh. Today and every day, realize how precious the gift of salvation really is. You did not earn salvation, nor did you pay money for the same. Salvation is the gift that is given to you through the obedience of My Son, and as you are repentant of heart, you will receive that gift.

When you are aware that you have been spared from eternity in hell, then you will be all the more dedicated to My purpose for your lives. Do not in any way whatsoever think that there is something to be gained by the lies that the enemies of your souls will throw at you. These lies are sent to snare you and entangle you in deception. If you are loving the truth and adhering to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, you will discern the deception that wants to come upon you and destroy you. Therefore, be quick to receive discernment and obey the same.

Many have neglected My discernment when it came to them, because they did not want to be judging anyone. However, such reaction is in false humility, because I send Holy Spirit discernment to you to protect you and keep you in My life. Thank Me for the truth and walk in the same.