Sin Slaves Set Free

I speak to you this day and I command you: Do not let sin reign in your mortal bodies. It is Me the Living God who expects you to walk uprightly in Me and to keep yourselves from the filthiness of fleshly lusts. You are not intended to be degraded and destroyed by going in the way that I do not intend. As My children, you are to keep in the higher way, not yielding to the painful way that is destruction. Then is My strength imparted to you.

I do not want My people to be as the heathen, or even worse because they are caught up with the world. However, if any lets down their guard, then they are well able to fall prey to the sins that will easily beset them and overtake them. Thank Me this day that I have for you great and abundant mercies and that you can partake of them with gladness. Inasmuch as My mercies are new to you every morning, know that you do not need to awake to the bondage of sin. Rather, you can awake to Me and to the freedom you have gained as you have died to sin.

I find pleasure in the ones who keep their vision clearly upon Me because they are not turning to the ways of the heathen, nor being consumed by the lust of the flesh. Therefore, they are pleasing unto Me, for they are true. It is Me who wants My people to be faithful to Me, not behaving as wanton whores who have eyes full of adultery for the world.

In these times, few are faithful to Me or even to their husbands or wives, for adultery and fornication have become common practices and many are bound in the same. Be glad that you do not need to be amongst the adulterers who are going after strange flesh, all for naught. Lust never satisfies, and those who seek to satiate the lusts of their flesh will find themselves empty in the process.

As My people, stay true to Me, not turning to the left or the right. Rather, be true to Me as the One who gives to you all that you need. There are multitudes who do not love Me, nor do they walk My way. This is because they are choosing to give in to the lust of their flesh, and by the same they are defeated and devoured.

Realize that your old nature is in allegiance with the devil and his demons. This is because they have the same agenda, which is death. Do not listen to your carnal mind as though it were wise and intelligent. When any is yielding to the fleshly lusts, they are as brute beasts. You are meant to keep your passions in control and directed in the way of life. If you truly consider that the wages of sin have been, are, and always will be death, why should you choose sin above My righteousness?

It is only the foolish who will choose sin above My life and go after the corruption that awaits them in the slavery of sin. When men, women and children have been set free from the prison houses of sin, they are not meant to return to the prisons that held them captive. Instead, they are to walk in the newness of life that I provide, thankful to be free.

Those who are bound in addiction to various substances and behaviors that result from the same, do not awaken with joy and thanksgiving. They awaken dreading each day, knowing that they must put on their chains as the slaves to sin that they are. Then they must actively pursue, and get at any cost, the things that are killing them.

I desire that My people would be intense to be with Me and to delight in My presence. It has always been that My people are to love Me above all else and to put Me first as the One they love. When you are loving Me above yourselves, you will realize the death that lurks in your old nature and in your carnal mind.

Begin your days with Me and stay alert to My Spirit throughout the day. Do not be centered upon what you must do in the flesh. Keep centered upon what My Spirit is speaking to you. Realize that many mock being spiritually minded. They make the mocking accusation that those who are spiritually minded are of no earthly good. However, they do not consider that those who are totally earthly minded are of no spiritual good, because they have no vision beyond carnality.

The truth is, I did not create humankind for them to be in slavery to the lusts of their flesh. I created humanity for them to be in fellowship with Me and to honor Me as their Creator. Therefore, I repeat to you, do not let sin reign in your mortal bodies, because through My Son Jesus you have been given the ability to resist the temptation to sin, and to stand strong in the way that is given through salvation.

Therefore, be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for you do not have to be driven by, nor do you have to be slaves to the degradations of sin. Thank Me that you are able to walk in the higher way and to be delighting in Me rather than wallowing in the mire of sinful living. Be glad that you are not in slavery, but you have been freed from such.

As you are serving each day, you will find that you can rejoice in your service unto Me and not be dreading the day, for in My way you will find that which Jesus declared when He said, “The yoke becomes easy, and the burden is light.” Be loving to live, as you are no longer tied to death, for you are uplifted in life, love, and the light that I give to you. Let gladness be the way you live, rather than the sadness that is the consequence of sin.