Do Not Placate Fear

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not be anxious, neither be afraid. I do not call you to be found in fear. Rather, you are called to faith in Me. Realize that I the Living God long for a people who will seek to know Me and desire to be close with Me.

My people are not meant to be under the curse of separation from Me. The curse of separation from Me comes upon people because their hearts are hard towards Me and their deeds are evil. Do not lose sight of My purposes and go in opposition to the same by giving way to anxiety and the fear that it brings. Many believe that if they are continually giving way to fear, then they are showing concern. However, fear brings torment, and you are not meant to live under torment but to be in the peace that I provide.

Consider the cruelty and tyranny of fear, which controls vast multitudes who are tormented day and night by the fears they live under. Be glad that you do not need to fear anything or anybody other than Me, for I am the One who is your Maker, your Creator.

When you are fearing Me, you are not found under torment. Rather, you are at peace because you are respecting Me as your God, the One who has given you life. It is disrespect and dishonor to Me when the multitudes choose to give way to the consuming anxiety and fears that are present, rather than partaking of the peace they could have. Those who are receiving salvation through My Son Jesus are being reconciled to Me, and in the same will find that My peace is given unto them.

It is My Holy Spirit that is ever present to guide the ones who listen to the Spirit’s directives and commands. There are those who are ever putting themselves under bondage to the darkness that is so prevalent in these times. In that darkness, they themselves become more sinful and fearful. Even though they may put on a false front of bravado, the truth is they are full of fear. This is because apart from Me there is no lasting peace to be found.

There are wars raging among nations in these times, and the same cause multitudes to live in the fear of the same coming upon them. Foolish people are making bold and meaningless proclamations as to what they will and will not tolerate. However, they are meddling in strife that does not belong to them. By their meddling, they are literally inviting the wars to come to their own shores.

It is My desire that My people do not overly involve themselves in the unrest and upheavals that are transpiring in the world, because they, the ones who are Mine, are meant to involve themselves in the furtherance of My kingdom. They are pilgrims on this earth, passing through, not looking at anything as their permanent abode. Be glad to know that through the direction of the Holy Spirit you can be fulfilling My purposes on this earth.

As was demonstrated through the journey of My Son Jesus as He walked among the multitudes, He did not involve Himself in the conflicts of those times. Rather, He declared the call to repentance revolution and the need for reconciliation unto Me by all who heard the message He brought. You are to do the same likewise. Do not waste the time you have been given on this earth by attempting to change the entire world. Simply proclaim My kingdom and the availability of transformation through salvation in Jesus.

Reality is that far too many people are shortsighted, only living for the here and now, not giving any consideration to the hereafter. You are called and chosen to proclaim My kingdom which is eternal. As you live your lives for My intention, so are you demonstrating the higher way and giving to others the invitation to live in the blessedness that I give.

Do not shun the responsibility that you have in Me to adhere to My standard, in order to please other people. You are not intended to please others; you are intended to please Me as the One who is your Maker, your God. This does not mean that you have an attitude of negativity towards others. Rather, it means that you simply know that you are responsible to Me, and that you must be busy about My business and let people form their own opinions of you. Thank Me that you can serve in the attitude of gratitude as you are doing My will and not your own.

Know of a surety that in and through Me are you given divine wisdom, as My Holy Spirit will direct you in the same. Be glad even this day for the privileged life that you find in Me as your Maker. That is, it is a privilege to be ever uplifted and guided rather than wandering in the fearful anxiety that rules multitudes. Again, I instruct you to be anxious for nothing, for I know exactly what you have need of and I have the perfect timing for the same.

It is a good thing to be found in the way of life, having escaped the wrath that is falling upon the ungodly, who are stubbornly resisting and refusing to repent. Thank Me this day for the peace that you can have in Me as it is Me that you are seeking to please. Do not be led astray and taken down the broad way where there are many entanglements that will take you away from Me.

Do not pursue that which is darkness and death. The world has endless traps, snares and entanglements awaiting any who will believe the lies that accompany the same. Resist the temptation to accumulate worldly riches then find yourselves with nothing in the end. Be knowing of a surety that I am the One who desires that you aim for the eternal riches found in Me.