The Dumb or the Wise

I speak to you this day and I declare to you that the scoffers and mockers resist instruction and will not receive godly wisdom. This is because they are blinded by pride, as they are full of self-assurance, convinced that they are right when they are not. You are living in a time when multitudes have given way to mockery and believe themselves to be exceedingly wise, when they are fools in My sight.

Those who have yielded to scoffing and mockery will find themselves bitter, hard of heart, accusing, abusing, and losing. So, where does their pride take them? Pride being the blinder that it is, takes them into the ditch, and there they remain. There are endless persons in hell because they gave way to pride, turned to scoffing and mocking, and gained their own damnation.

Do not be so foolish as to believe that you know more than you know. Realize that you are needy of remaining humble before Me and cooperative with the mind of My Holy Spirit. You are called to walk in My Spirit, being guided each day by the same. You are not called to walk afar off and go after those things that cause you distress and emptiness. Rather, you are intended to be kept each day in My purposes and My plans. Those are the very things that will give you abundance of life, love and light.

Know that the enemy is ever attempting to beguile the redeemed and take them away from the narrow path that I have given to them to walk in. He offers every seduction to entice the ones who will yield to his enticements and succumb to his seductions. Of course, the territory he aims for is the unguarded mind, wherein he knows that the lusts of the flesh exist. When believers do not keep on the helmet of salvation guarding their minds, the enemy forces are ever bombarding the same.

Do not be yielded in your minds to the input of demons, but rather resist, refuse and refute such lies. Thank Me that I am the One who upholds you each day in the power of My presence as you walk under the mind of My Holy Spirit. When you are purposing yourselves to believe the truth and to be led by My Spirit, then you find the strength that I give to you as you are enabled to war against the forces of darkness.

Do not be as the dull, the dumb, the stupid who go after the iniquity of their own understanding only to find themselves in the trap of fleshly lusts. You are not meant to be led about by fleshly lusts, being consumed of continual torment because of unclean longings for those things that I do not intend for you. Be thankful even now that through Me you are given the opportunity to pursue godly wisdom and be kept in the glorious way that I provide for you.

There is nothing that comes of fleshly indulgence, except self-hatred and the death that it brings. Many who put on an outward display of happiness are hiding secret sins and are forever afraid of being found out. I do not intend you to fall prey to such snares and be entangled in the same. Therefore, be alert and aggressively warring against your own carnality.

As My people, be ever open to accept the correction that I send you through My Holy Spirit, for I intend you to be guided in godly wisdom. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, for you are given My light upon the path and shown for certain that I do not keep any good thing from you. You are intended to keep on in your development and to see that indeed it is Me who gives you the Holy Spirit to guide you forth.

There are many who despise correction, because they have become a law unto themselves, that is, they are sure of their own righteousness and refuse to be reproved, lest their kingdoms crumble. Such ones as these are foolish, for they are choosing to trust in their own carnal minds, which are darkened.

Do not believe every spirit that speaks to you, for the devil sends spirits of emulation at many to deceive them into following fake “spiritual guides and masters.” Some even become channelers for deception and gain for themselves followers who choose the same lies.

You are not meant to be duped by deceiving spirits that will lead you to damnation. You are to accept the corrections and directions that My Spirit will use to guide you forth by a plain path. As you are adhering to the guidance of My Spirit, you increase in wisdom because you are able to receive the instruction that guides you forth.

Pride is a plague, and when people are preferring pride to humility, they are responsible for promoting the plague. When you see nations tottering on the very edge of total destruction, know that it is because they are under the plague of pride. Do not for one moment believe that pride saves or elevates any people. No, for pride is a treacherous and death rendering plague that brings total ruination and destruction. Of course, when any people refuse to repent when I send My prophets unto them, it is because they are blinded by pride and loving the deceptions of the same.

The plague of pride has taken control of many peoples and nations at this time. They will be destroyed by the same if they do not humble themselves and repent. Needless to say, the majority will resist and refuse repentance, because they are believing in lies and loving it so.

Do not be led by lies and subject to the death sentence of pride. Refuse the plague, and trust your spiritual and physical health to Me, for I will keep you. Many people are driven mad by pride. Thank Me for the health of humility I give you.