Pretenders Love the Lure of Lies

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not be ashamed to be identified with My Son and likewise with Me. Realize that there are multitudes who are using My Son’s name in falsehood. These ones do not want true relationship; they want religious pretension.

Inasmuch as they refuse being identified with the sufferings that are a big part of being a Christian, they are satisfied to live lives of pretension and falsehood, and go in a way that is far from Me. These want the biggest, the best and the most, having their best lives now and basking in the riches of the world. I do not call My people to be self-indulgent and full of what they want in this life.

As Jesus declared, those who would be His true followers must die to themselves, take up the cross, and walk in His steps. Otherwise, He said that they were not worthy. So it remains now, that those who are worthy are the ones who will take up their crosses and follow Him as Master and Lord. The ones who want to keep their own lives will be left desolate in the end and rejected as unworthy because of their choices.

Be aware that I the Living God do not find pleasure in the pretenders who are living in their imaginations while assuming they are pleasing Me. Know that such as these are not pleasing Me, because they are not living under the direction of the Holy Spirit. They are living under the direction of the world and working out of vain ambition for the things that pass away and are remembered no more. It is senseless to labor in vain because you are wanting to project an image of yourselves to please people.

You are not called to please people; you are called to please Me. When it is Me that you are pleasing because you are dedicated to fulfilling My purpose for your new lives in Me, then you will know true joy in your lives. Consider how desolate it will be for those who stand before Me and try to explain why they spent their lives pursuing the riches that pass away. The same riches will mean nothing and will stand against them.

Realize that you are meant to live your lives for My purpose, in the attitude of gratitude, not looking to retain the identity of your former lives. Once you have received the gospel and repented, you are meant to live repentant. To be really repentant, you must be willing to change according to My purposes and plans for you. Therefore, do not live in the imaginations of your own minds. Live in that which I intend for you, and be thankful unto Me each day.

It is good to live for Me with gladness and not end in sadness and sorrow because you wasted yourselves on vanity. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you are Mine, it is Me that you will give yourselves unto. Yes, there are many pretenders in these times. However, they will face Me in the end as their pretensions will fall away, and they will find themselves with nothing.

I do not want you to be as the desolate; I want you to be filled with joy because your riches are stored in heaven and you have been identified fully with My Son in His sufferings. Those who have been willing to keep their identity with the Son no matter the cost, are counted worthy of Me. Let it be Me that you follow each day, not pursuing the emptiness and futility of the world’s way. It is stupidity to spend life in pretension, then be exposed when it is too late to repent.

These things in mind, let My Spirit search you daily and show you the motives that you have that are in opposition to Me. Do not be as the foolish who have chosen to believe in themselves. Their hearts are far from Me and they bask in the multitude of riches that are what they trust in. When you see the ones who have settled to believe that godliness is gain, know that such ones are deceived because they want to believe lies.

Why be settling for lies in order to live your “best life now” and miss out with Me in eternity? There is no reason to wander off of the narrow way into the broad way and be lured into lies. My Spirit is given to you to lead and guide you into all truth. Therefore, be attentive to My Spirit and follow the same each day.

Do not be quick to follow after deceiving spirits, only to end in the foolery and vanity that mark those who are preferring lies to the truth. When you are seeing that your own choices determine where you will spend eternity, be wise in those choices. That means in essence: Choose righteously, and you will receive the crown of glory. Choose foolishly, and you will receive nothing of lasting value.

Thank Me that I the Living God do provide for My people all that they need. I do not provide for them in accordance with greed. If you believe that I cannot provide, be assured that I do. However, if you are critical of My provision, consider that you are wanting things according to your lust and not according to My intentions for you.

As I have stated, I am not moved by greed, nor by ambition to be approved of people. I am moved by the ones who are sincere in their relationship to Me and wanting to be pleasing Me rather than their carnality.

Do not make choices that are meaningless. Let your choices be in respect towards Me. Be a people who are daily rejoicing to be redeemed and learning to abide satisfied in whatsoever state they are in as My people.