Evil Agendas on the Rise

I speak to you this day, giving you warning that evil persons are plentiful in these times. Because they are the extension of the wicked one, they have his agenda to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy forces are at work continually, and they are the ones who cause multiplied sorrows to any they can.

I do not intend that My people would be lacking in alertness. I intend for them to see clearly that it is Me who gives to them exactly what they need to be kept in My way. However, they are not meant to become lazy and hazy towards the tactics of the destroyer. The purposes of the evil, godless persons remain ever wicked, and you are not intended to believe that they have goodness that they want to give to you. They do not.

As you are walking in Me, you are not made ashamed, for I am the God who is ever present and who cares for My people. Consider that those who worship idols do not know true love, for it is Me who gives love to the ones who are Mine. In that love, there is to be found abundance of mercy and goodness coming from Me.

While the worldly wicked are wise in their own conceits, know that they are not of Me. They are full of pride and are vainly puffed up as to their own capabilities. However, they are foolish, for they are giving themselves over to the way of destruction. Those who choose to do evil will continue in a way that is far from My intention for humankind.

Do not be in friendship with the wicked, who do not have good intentions towards you. Far too many of My people have been lazy spiritually and have not paid heed to the Holy Spirit, nor listened to the directives and commands of the same. Because of their spiritual slothfulness, they are taken down into the muck and mire that causes them many troubles.

Realize that there are evildoers all around and that their goals will always be to devour and destroy as many as they can. I do not intend for you to succumb to evil; I intend for you to adhere to Me and come forth in the way that is truth. I intend for you to contend against the lying spirits and the liars who are wanting to see multitudes devoured, destroyed and damned.

Thank Me this day that you can walk circumspectly before Me, redeeming the time, and serving Me in the attitude of gratitude each day. As those who were once in slavery to sin, you have been freed by believing in My Son Jesus Christ and walking in His light. Remain in humility and do not partake of the deceitful cup of pride that wants to see you brought down to ruination and the subsequent sentence of damnation.

The workers of iniquity are cunning in their craftiness and cruelty towards the ones who are serving Me. This is because as they advance in their agenda, their goal is to destroy the righteous. Therefore, do not think that you are immune to their cruelties, but I the Living God will give you the ability to resist the same. Be glad that you do not need to end in the ditch of despair that is sucking souls down into death.

As the insanity of this age becomes more and more evident, hold to the principles that you have been instructed in, pertaining to My kingdom and the behaviors that you are to adhere to. Do not take on the immorality of the world’s people and by the same be corrupted. Each day, make it your practice to keep yourselves actively alert and alive in Me. Know that while I promise to keep you, you likewise must not give way to spiritual sloth and grow lazy in your own responsibility and accountability towards Me.

The facts remain that I am the One who enables you, and I am the One who gives to you all that you have need of each and every day. Therefore, be aggressively contending for the faith and walking uprightly in the same. Be of good courage, for I the Living God am ever present to give to you the strength that you have need of.

Do not give in to the temptations that are present and purposed to destroy your lives both spiritually and naturally. Instead, be walking in the guidance of My Holy Spirit, knowing full well that you are not meant to be led astray out of My way and into the ditch of despair and desolation. Let your focus be kept upon Me each day, for it is Me you are to serve with continual dedication.

Reserve yourselves for Me as the One who has given you new life. Reckon yourselves to be dead to the temptations of the world that want you returned to the shackles of damnation. You are not meant to return to sin’s slavery. Therefore, go forth freed from sin and the prison house of shame that you were in. Be declaring the message of freedom to the slaves who cry out for deliverance from the cruelty of their lives.

Again, I would give you warning to beware the wicked. Do not take the warning as a means to cave into fearfulness, fretting continually and living in doubt and unbelief. Realize that when you see a sign that reads caution, you are meant to pay heed to the same. This is so that you are not destroyed by being careless when you should be cautious. It is not a shame to exercise caution when the Spirit tells you to do so. It is foolishness to be careless and end up in a heap of wreckage by the same.

As My people, realize that you are journeying on this earth in enemy territory and that without My protection you could be easily destroyed. Therefore, be ever alert, alive, and actively advancing in the way that is given for you to walk in. Know that through Me you can be victorious and completing the course set for you.