Who Is in Charge

I speak to you this day and I say: Continue steadfast in the way that I provide. Do not look to be in charge of your own lives in the sense that you are in the lead and are not being led by My Holy Spirit. Many who are professing to believe in Me and say they want My will for their lives are deceiving themselves. This is because it is not Me that they are serving. Rather, they are serving imagination and conjecture brought about by their self-determination wherein they are in control.

Thank Me this day that when you are surrendered to My will and My way, My Spirit is ever present to lead and guide you in the way that I intend, which is righteous and holy. I do not call My people to be walking afar off from Me; I call them to keep themselves unspotted from the world and to let My Spirit be the guide who is in charge.

It is not to anyone’s gain when My people are pulling against Me in order to remain in charge of their lives. By their determination to have things the way that they want them to be, they are actually proving that they trust their own understanding above My Spirit.

Know of a certainty that you are not intended to be trusting in your own way and your own understanding. I want My people to trust in Me. Then, they see repeatedly that I am the One who leads them forth by a plain path, for I give to them exactly what they need to be in My will and not their own.

Foolish are My people when they are not inwardly surrendered to let My Spirit direct and guide them forth in the truth. Because they are operating under the mind of their own carnality, they do not develop in My Spirit, nor do they increase in the trust they are meant to have in Me. Because they remain in charge, they stay as babies and are not bringing forth fruit for My kingdom.

There are multitudes who start out in such a way, and remain always suspicious of being fully surrendered unto Me. Because of fear, doubt, and unbelief in My Spirit, they are merely religious and not righteous. Such ones as these are children who profess My Son and claim to be Christian. However, the reality is that their Christianity is merely a form of religion, as they are lacking in relationship unto Me.

I did not send My Son to establish another religion on this sin-cursed earth. Jesus was sent to call people to repent and to open the way of reconciliation unto Me. Do not be eager to accept a mere form of godliness that so many have chosen. Such ones as these are far from Me and have gone after the foolery and stupidity of their own understanding, which has taken them far from Me. While they have a form of godliness, they are denying the power that I intended for them to live in and respect.

Be aware that I want My people to be fully committed to Me, for I am their Maker and the One who wants them doing My will and not their own. The more determined that people are to be in charge, the more they are separated from Me. I do not find pleasure in those who are independent from Me and following the dictates of carnality. To be carnally minded is death. To be spiritually minded is life in Me, brought forth by the directives of My Holy Spirit.

While the world is declaring that I am dead, they are blinded by their own carnality and the god of this world. Because they are consumed with being in charge, they are actually quenching the Spirit and yielding to the very carnality that will bring forth nothing but death to any and all who are adhering to the same.

There are people all around who are in hopeless despair, loneliness and depression, who are there because they do not believe in anything but themselves. When they are failures according to the world’s standards and dictates, then they give way to self-pity and wallow in the same. For them there is no way out of the prison house of self that they are in. Many of these ones end up hurting themselves and others because of their frustration and emptiness.

It has not been My intention for people to end in such a place, yet they do. This is because they are being guided by their own foolishness rather than My Spirit. Be glad even now that you do not need to follow your own understanding and end in the futility of the same. Serve Me with the attitude of gratitude, and you will see each day that My Spirit leads you forth by a plain path and directs your steps. Thank Me that My Spirit is sent to guide your lives in the way that is well pleasing unto Me.

There are far too many religionists who are merely putting on religious display while their hearts are far from Me. I do not call you to such futility and emptiness. I call you to the power of My presence as you come into greater degrees of surrender and submission to Me.

Realize that Jesus, as the example you are meant to look to, did not seek to be in charge. By His submission to My way, He opened the way for all people to be reconciled unto Me through their choices to surrender to My Son as their Savior and to live repentant lives.

Rejoice this day that you are not being led by religion. You are being led by the power of My Spirit. Be thankful that your relationship to Me can and will be full of goodness and mercy as you allow My Spirit to be in charge.