God Is Always and Forever

I speak to you this day and I tell you: Do not lose sight of the vision that I have given unto you. When you are looking at your own carnality and the carnality of others, you will be greatly disappointed. In that disappointment, you can easily lose sight and vision in Me and think that My purpose is therefore an impossible accomplishment.

In such an evaluation, you or anyone else who draws those conclusions is failing to remember and realize that nothing is impossible with Me. I do not intend that My people would be dwelling upon carnality rather than looking unto Me as the One who is able.

Thank Me that you can follow My commands given through the Holy Spirit and in the same be obedient unto Me. Remember it is My intention that you would be focused upon My kingdom and your commission to proclaim the same. You are not meant to be spending your time in undermining those who are your brothers and sisters in Me. As I have told you, it is intended that you keep your eyes on Me at all times.

Therefore, be remembering that My Son Jesus commanded His disciples to love one another, and by the same their joy would be full. So it is even now, that you are to love one another, as you are the representatives of My kingdom here on earth.

How often does the enemy send forces out in an attempt to prove that I am dead and that My kingdom does not exist? The liar wants only to undermine and destroy the faith of My people so that he can overtake and overwhelm them with doubt, fear, and hopeless despair.

I do not intend for you to succumb to the tactics of the enemies. Rather, you are to keep focused upon Me and obey the commands of My Spirit as they are given to you. Never have I intended for My people to be found as slaves to the darkness that is ever present. My people are meant to be walking in the light that I give each day, rejoicing for the same.

Do not be discouraged by the things that are transpiring in these times. Those who are allowing discouragement and disappointment to overtake them will conclude that there is no future for My people. You are not meant to take on the “end-times, last days” mentality that so many have yielded themselves unto, for the same produces sadness, not gladness.

Why live in the spectrum of hopelessness when you can live in the faith, life and hope that I will give you as you ask of Me? There is no good thing that I withhold from the ones who will and do walk uprightly in Me and regard Me as their sovereign.

Men and women throughout the ages have faced the same fight to maintain their faith in Me despite the adversities that they faced each day. You are not meant to collapse to adversity or diversity; you are meant to continue steadfast, ever believing and hoping in Me as the One who reigns supreme and who remains throughout all generations.

I do not change My standard for any given generation, as I hold all accountable for their behaviors before Me. Therefore, do not imagine that you are the only ones who have had to face the hatred that the evil godless ones pour forth upon you. Remember, Jesus told those who were listening to and following Him that the world would hate them because they were identified with Him. Do not hold back on your identity with Me, for I am the One who bears rule over you and I am the One who provides for you each day exactly what you need.

Be ever willing to express your needs to Me. If you are needing courage, ask of Me. If you are needing strength, ask of Me. If you are needing renewal of your vision, ask of Me, and I will give what you need. When you are aware of your own neediness and not too proud to cry out to Me, know that I hear you when you cry and I answer in mercy.

Consider those who are worshiping idols. When they call upon their dead gods, their cries are blown unto the wind because their idols are dumb. So it is, that they expend themselves in attempting to please and appease those dumb images that they serve.

Be thankful that I am not dead and that through Me you are enabled to obey and keep your vows and commitments unto Me. Inasmuch as you have vowed to live your lives for Me, remember that I can give you the ability to live and love as My kingdom requires and I desire for you. I do not want you to be distanced from Me; I want you to be near to Me. Be knowing that I am the ark of safety to all who will come into Me and abide in Me.

Do not be ashamed to have your identity with Me made evident, for you are not meant to hide the light that I have given to you, nor are you to be ashamed of My Son. Rather, you are to let the light and the love that I have given to you be manifest in the life that comes from you. Others who are dead in trespasses against Me, including unbelief, will come to believe when they see the manifestation of the higher kingdom, the higher life that is found in and through Me.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude that you can keep focused upon Me and draw near to Me because you are not yielding to carnality. Do not allow the enemies to convince you of how impossible it is to complete your commission and mission in Me. Remember I AM always.