Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I speak to you this day and I say: There is nothing that separates you from Me, except the factor of sin. When people are choosing to live in sin, they are choosing to partake of death rather than life. Those who are preferring death over life are actually fools in My sight, because they are doing those things that are abomination.

I do not intend abomination as a way of life for any. They are the ones who are so dull and dumb as to ignore their own conscience and go in the way that will prove to be death and damnation. It is made evident in these times that the agenda of the devil is in full swing, as pride, which is abomination before Me, is in full array. Multitudes are led headlong into hell by pride.

Therefore, do not sin before Me and imagine that the same has become acceptable in My sight. I do not find pleasure in those who continue to sin after they have been reproved for the same. Over and over, people are indulging themselves in the folly of worldliness and being destroyed by their choices for evil rather than righteousness.

You are not to set your minds on sin as though it had some enticement that could lure you back into the slave chains of sinful living. I have never intended for you to be enticed into sinful living. Rather, it is My Spirit which leads you each day in the way that is eternal, the way that is righteousness, the way that is holy. Be glad that you are privileged to be led in the purpose and the plan that I have for you, which is the way perfect.

People are forever discontent with life here on earth, because they are wanting to be satisfied but are looking in the wrong places for the same. The world and all of its trivia does not satisfy, nor does it bring fulfillment into the hearts of those who are yearning. Yet they fill themselves to the point of sickness on the vanities, the indulgences, the luxuries that can never satisfy the longings of their souls.

It is only through Me that true and lasting satisfaction is found. Those who will be truly satisfied are the ones who will adhere in obedience to the Holy Spirit guidance in their lives. Do not then be wasting your time in the seductions of worldliness when you are meant to be spending your time with Me, as the One who has given you life. You are not meant to be exploited by the devil’s devices; you are meant to be brought forth and guided in the truth.

Consider the end of those who are living in lies. Their lives are full of darkness and uncleanness. They are led from one folly to the next, even though they know within themselves that there is nothing to be found in what the devil and his demons promise. Remember that the devil is the father of lies. He has been a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Do not take in the deceit that is found on every hand in these days, for the same will lead you into the trap, the funnel of filth that will enslave you and ruin your relationship with Me.

You are not meant to be found in ruination; you are to be brought forth in the triumphant victories that I give. Know that you can be victorious as you adhere to the truth and walk in the same with gladness and rejoicing. As you are living your lives in the Spirit, you will not be fulfilling the lust of the flesh, which is ever present to take your hearts far from Me. I do not have any intention that you would be far from Me. It is My intention for My people to be near to Me and walking in the light.

It is not the time to believe or imagine that things will be as they used to be, for it is Me the Living God who is bringing wrath upon the evildoers in these times. I have repeatedly warned the wicked to repent, yet because of their stubborn pride and vain conceit, they have blatantly refused. So many are flaunting their sins as though there is no tomorrow. Such fools as these are stupid, as they are determined to be damned.

Why not be determined to be saved? It is wisdom to walk in the truth and be kept each day in the same. There is no reason to be as the foolish children who are taken in their folly and end up wrecked, wretched and wasted. You are not meant to be wasted; you are meant to live long and bear much fruit for Me as your God, your Maker.

The kingdom that you are to represent is My kingdom, the higher kingdom wherein truth reigns and lies and liars gain no entry. I do not welcome the unrepentant who are rebellious against Me and merely wanting their own ways. Such as these are delighting in doing evil and unwilling to turn from the same, even though their sins are killing them.

Those who would rather die in their sins than repent and live have been blinded by the god of this world. I do not call you to be a partaker of the worldliness that has swept many into the sea of iniquity. I have called you to the righteousness of My way, where you are kept in the safety and security that I give to My own. I am the High tower. You can run into Me and be kept. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude that you are redeemed from the penalty of your sins. Be thankful as you’re not being drowned in the filthy floods of demons that sweep over the land and bring death.

There are so many mercies that I give to those who will keep themselves unspotted from the world. Such ones as these are shown the glories of My kingdom and allowed to partake of the same. Be rejoicing in Me, for I am the giver of goodness to the redeemed as they are obedient to Me.