Nuclear War – Liberation or Devastation

I speak to you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who raises nations up and brings them down. The proud and defiant nations that brag of their great powers can and will be rendered useless by Me when I bring My vengeance upon them. They shall be brought to ruination by My power, and there will be no recovery for them.

Therefore, in this wicked generation, look to Me as your refuge and your strength. Realize that all who are seeking to please Me will be rewarded by Me. I have given My Spirit to guide and comfort My own at all times. When there is trouble on every hand, those who cry out are comforted by My Spirit, for I do not withhold the same from them.

I give My Spirit to all who ask of Me, and the Spirit is ever present to give instruction and direction to My people. In these times when My wrath, fury and indignation are being revealed upon humankind, do not think it a strange thing to see multitudes being devoured by Holy Fire. I am sorely displeased with the nations and the inhabitants therein. In My vengeance, many will die and be cast into hell.

I have sent words of warning until I am wearied with the same. I have sent My Holy Spirit to convict ungodly leaders of their sins. Yet, because of the absolute hatred for Me, all that I have done has not brought them to repentance. Therefore, I am just in My judgments, and My vengeance is necessary, lest the whole world end in darkness and be remembered no more.

Do not ever rise up and judge or evaluate Me, for it is not given to you to do so. Be knowing assuredly that I have purposed for humankind to live in My abundance. They are the ones who refuse. In their refusal, they are reduced to spiritual poverty and even natural poverty as they undergo My vengeance in their lives. By pride and rebellion against Me, they are choosing the misery that becomes their existence while on earth, and even greater misery awaits them in Eternity.

I do not call you to misery; I call you to the goodness and blessedness that I have prepared for those who live for Me. My kingdom is the kingdom of light, life and love. There is no other kingdom that has been upon earth that is like unto My kingdom. Therefore, rejoice that you are given abundance of mercies and the power of My presence that you can walk in the same and be kept.

You are meant to be My ambassadors here on earth, representing My kingdom and the glorious power of the same. Therefore, do not hesitate to testify repeatedly of My goodness and mercies that I extend to those who are serving Me. Realize that the people of the world are in darkness and blindness because they are under the covering of the devil and demons.

There are multitudes of them who are crying out in their miseries to be set free. You are meant to be liberationists, freeing them from the chains that have them kept in cruel captivity. Do not hesitate to use the sharp two-edged sword to cut asunder the ropes and chains of darkness that constrain them.

As you follow My Spirit, you will see that men, women and children are liberated from slavery and freed to come forth in the divine purpose that I intend. I do not want souls to perish; I desire for them to be restored to Me as they see their need for Jesus and repent unto Him.

Those who repent and are true to that commitment will find that they experience the glorious transformation that I bring to them. It is only through My Spirit that people are led into all truth. The more that the truth is given, the greater the perceptions of those who walk in the same. Do not think that the liar is capable of truth. All that he can do is twist the same and attempt to manipulate through lies. However, as you are aware of the treachery of his forces of deceit, you will not succumb or surrender to the same.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are not under wrath. I give My mercies to any and all who choose Me and keep their commitments unto Me. Thank Me that you can be declaring the mercies that I give to those who are still bound in the prison houses of slavery to sin. It is a most blessed privilege that you have been given as liberationists to rescue the dying as the floodwaters of iniquity are raging.

Realize that I want people to be rescued and brought forth in the safety that I give to all who come aboard My ark. It is not My intention that they be destroyed as in the times of the great flood. My purpose for people is that they would come into the truth and walk in the light, love and life of the same.

Be thankful that you can see how important My purpose is for all who are enabled to pay heed to Me as their God. As My people, you are not to live selfishly in the abundance of goodness that I provide. You are to share the same with gladness. Spread the good news that Jesus is the Savior and the One who restores people to Me as their Father.

The time for liberation is here. As I am vindicating Myself upon this wicked generation, it is time to rescue the ones who are crying out for help. As My liberation army, you are to keep on at the task. Do not grow weary in well doing, for I am your ever-present strength. Be aware that My Spirit will go before you as commander, showing you the way that I intend.

Thank Me that you are My spirit people, My love liberators who are making known the repentance revolution as the revelation of liberation is made evident.