W.A.R. – Wage Aggressive Resistance

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not fear the evil who are defying Me. Such ones as these are manifesting their hatred for Me and their rebellion against Me daily. Yet they will not be able to destroy you if you keep your eyes stayed upon Me, for I am your God, your Maker.

Those who are stayed upon Me will see that I am well able to keep them in even the most adverse of circumstances. Therefore, do not tremble in fear over all of the horrid and terrible things that are happening in these times. Realize that I am well able to keep the ones who are trusting in Me as their Maker and their refuge.

Many are giving way to fear because they do not want to stand against the same. That is, they would rather collapse in the arms of fear than to stand in faith. However, when they give way to fear, they have entered into a treacherous trap that will cause them continual trouble. I do not intend you to live in continual fear. I call you to walk in the boldness of courage that I will give to the ones who rely upon Me.

How often does fear hover over the ones who are trusting in Me, with enticing and seducing invitations to fear? Be aware that the demonic forces will continually try to overwhelm you. If you are looking unto Me as your strength, you will see repeatedly that you are able to refuse and refute such forces through My strength. Be thankful that you can partake of My strength and by the same remain victorious.

There are many who falsely believe that in their journey as believers everything should be just the way they want it. Such notions are not true. I do not give My people everything just the way they want, because they would not develop spiritual strength if I were to give them everything their way. The reality is that those who will be developing spiritual muscles are the ones who will deny themselves rather than indulge their flesh.

I do not intend for you to be involved in the darkness of your own understanding. You are meant to be under the mind of My Spirit and walking in the same. When you are enabled to partake of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you are indeed privileged. Consider how many in these ungodly times are wandering covered in fear and hopelessness. They have only the guidance of demonic forces and God-defying evil men and women. Does it seem strange that there are so many who are existing merely to block out the reality of their misery day after day?

Terrible are the consequences when those who are in leadership give themselves over to the powers of darkness and rule by the same. When the wicked are in rule, many succumb to evil and are likewise damned by the same. There are multitudes who are easily influenced either to good or to evil by whatever covering there is. You are not intended to yield to evil, nor be filled with fear. The fear that the evil spread is crippling, and multitudes are living each day in the torments of fear. You are enabled to resist the power of fear when you are aware of My invincible and eternal power.

As My people, know that you can at all times call upon Me and be kept in the presence of My Spirit. Therefore, do not be quick to yield to the unclean and corrupt powers that want to overtake you and cause you torment and vexation. The world’s counselors are having tremendous “patient loads” at this time with persons who are living in fear and the torments of the same.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude because you are not bound in fear but you are enabled to walk in the righteousness that I give you each day. Do not be hasty to give way to the mental pressures that are set up to ensnare you and cause you to be partakers of the terrors that are ever present. As you persist in being under the mind of My Spirit, you are submitted to Me. It is then that you fight the war of aggressive resistance to the enemy enticements, refuting the lies of demonic forces.

As you stand in the power of My presence, you will see that it is Me who enables you to resist, refute and refuse. Then you see My victory, because the enemy forces do not prevail against Me. As you are choosing to walk in My way, no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and you will see My salvation revealed in your lives again and again.

There are multitudes who delight themselves in the pleasures of sin for a season only to find themselves in the trap of death and damnation. Because they have chosen evil rather than good, they will pay for their transgressions. Do not think that they get by with all of their foolishness. They do not. In the end, all must stand before Me and face up to their own foulness. I do not call you to live in such a place of separation from Me; I call you to live in fellowship and communion with Me.

This day, serve Me with gladness and do not allow sadness to encroach upon you. Be thankful for the joy that is within you, put there by Me. Keep steadfast in your surrender and submission to Me, for in the same you will find My delights. I do not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly. Even in the midst of turbulent and terrible times, I keep My own under the shadow of My wings, and they are shielded.

There are multitudes who know desolation of soul because their hearts are far from Me and their choices have damned them. Fight the war of aggressive resistance against the rampaging fears, that stalk any and all. Have faith in Me, and prevail.