Dishonorably Discharged

I speak to you this day and I say: Be loving Me first above anyone, any place and any thing. I demand of you allegiance to Me, for I am the One who gives to you eternal life. I have never intended that you would be found comingling with the world and taking on their values. Rather, it has always been and will always be that My people remain in absolute allegiance to Me, for I am the One who gives them life.

I have called you to My kingdom and I have chosen you to fulfill My purpose on this earth. You are not meant to go a whoring after the ways of the heathen and be overwhelmed in such ways. As I showed forth through My people of old, when they remained true to Me, they were blessed. When they went after the ways of the heathen, they were cursed and taken in the way of death.

It is people who separate themselves from Me by the sins they commit. They imagine that they “get by” with the same. I do not call you to commit sins and think that you get by. I want you to walk uprightly and honor Me in all that you do. When you are honoring Me, then I the Living God will honor you.

Indeed, do not imagine that I am impressed with dishonorable vessels who are not worthy to hold My substance. These vessels, by their choices against Me, will hold nothing but that which is unclean. They have refused to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and are dishonorably discharged. Such as these have desired the world above Me because they love their evil deeds. They are seeking for earthly pleasure and worldly delights. Do not think that you have to be partakers of their woes, for they are the ones who have chosen such.

There are some who are literally addicted to misery, suffering, affliction and woe. They love to dramatize and declare how much they undergo, yet they repeatedly make choices against Me, and by their own choices receive the recompense of the same. I do not call you to wrong choices; I call you to walk uprightly in Me and know that I am your God.

When it is Me that you choose to follow after and obey, you will not lack for any good thing. It is My pleasure to give good things to My people and to have them show forth the blessedness that comes of Me. I do intend and demand that My people, whenever possible, live their lives in community with one another.

I am fully aware that in times of persecution, prosecution and prison, it is not always possible for My people to be physically joined to each other. However, when My Spirit does speak, I intend that My people be joined no matter what the conditions of the world may be.

Therefore, do not be afraid, neither be ashamed to let it be known that you are Mine. Be witnesses for Me in all that you do, for I am the Lord who cares for you and directs you forth by a plain path and gives to you all that you need.

Realize that you are never alone, for My Spirit is ever present. If you will be in communication with My Spirit, you are kept in the way that is eternal and you are given newness of life. Therefore, do not be as the foolish, who are of an independent mind. By their own carnal minds, they are taken in the despair that comes of the same. The humility truth is that My people are meant to be sheep who are part of My fold and brought forth under divine dictate.

Those who separate themselves from My intention are living in false imaginations as to their own spirituality. The truly spiritual will prefer others above themselves, and they will not seek to be enthroned in selfism. Look at the example of My Son. He lived, walked, talked and dined with His disciples. He did not separate Himself from others, yet He maintained His relationship to Me and fulfilled My purpose for His journey on earth.

Therefore, realize that high-minded pride is very deceitful, and can and does lead many astray, whereby they end in destitution of soul and blame Me for the same. There is no man, woman or child who has the authority to blame Me. Those who are blaming Me are living in shame in My sight because they are allowing themselves to be fueled by pride and disrespect for Me.

I do not call you to be disrespectful towards Me; I call you to walk in obedience unto Me. You are to endure hardness as good soldiers, not giving into self-pity, which is always lurking and wanting to devour you. Therefore, when you feel animosity towards Me because of self-pity, rebuke and refute the same. Do not be partaking of self-pity in any of its disguises, for it is a destructive force that is fueled by the old nature and the input of demons.

Many are in hell right now who got there by giving way to self-pity and the delusions of their carnal minds. Do not be thinking that you know everything, because you do not. The reality is that you are not capable of knowing everything. Yet, if you seek to be ruled by the Mind of My Spirit, you will be led forth by a plain path and given My light to guide you forth.

There is no reason to be taken in darkness and destroyed by the same. There is every reason and provision to walk in the light, for I am the light given to all humanity. If I so desired, I could withdraw My light and all would grope and stumble in darkness. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude each day that you are the children of light. So, you’re enabled to see plainly, not falling into the depths of depravity and destitution of soul that besets the ones who are dishonorably discharged.