Breeding Ground for Demons

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be aware that many are caught in the rut of religion. They are bound by the traditions that have been handed down to them and they are not alive in My Spirit. I desire that My people would serve Me in spirit and in truth, because I care for them and desire them to know Me.

Because of a lack of true commitment, many of those who profess to be Mine are merely going through the outward motions of religion, while their hearts are far from Me. Such ones think that they are secure in what they do because they are bound in traditions that keep them in the rut of religion. I never intended for My people to settle down in religion and then close their hearts off towards Me.

There are multitudes who fall away when persecution arises because they are merely religious and have no real relationship with Me. Because they are not seeking Me, they are not attentive to the directives of My Holy Spirit. Basically, they are living their lives for themselves while they are putting on an external display of religion and they have no deep commitment unto Me.

I desire that My people would be seeking Me and wanting My purpose to be their reason for being. I did not create people for them to live in sin and transgression, doing the deeds of the devil. I created humanity to serve Me with gladness because they know and understand that I am the One who has given them life. Nevertheless, there are many who lose out with Me because they take what appears to be the easy way but it is not, for what men and women construe to be the easy way is merely the way of death and damnation to their souls.

My Son Jesus did not come to humanity for them to establish another religion in His Name. I sent Him to call for all to repent and return to Me as their Father that they could be found abiding in My presence. However, because of the desire of men and women to have control, they established religion and represented the same to be of Me. However, it was not just one more religion that Jesus came to set up. No, He was sent by Me for the purpose of reconciliation.

When people become aware of their need to be reconciled to Me, then they are able to walk circumspectly and bring forth much fruit for My kingdom. It has been and still remains My desire that I have people who desire to know and please Me. I do not find pleasure in those who go through the externals of religious ritual, while they are lusting for the world. Do not be full of lust for the world, but rather be fully committed unto Me as your Maker.

It is declared, and the same stands valid even now, that you must bring your thoughts into subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit. That is, do not let your minds run wild and become the breeding ground of demons. So many who have represented religion have given themselves over and are the breeding ground of demonic forces.

The consequence of such hypocrisies is that many are turned away from My way, rejecting My Son as their Savior and yielding to strange spirits that lead them to destruction. Do not imagine that I have such ugliness in store; I do not. Yet, because of the wickedness of those who are falsely using My Son as their cover for deceptive operations, many give up on Me, that is, they are angry at the vileness they see and turn away.

I do not intend that people would be turned away from My intention for them. I intend that people would be uplifted and brought forth in the blessedness that I provide, and made glad to be redeemed. Thank Me this day that you are redeemed and reconciled unto Me through My Son Jesus, who was, is, and always will be the Christ.

Each day, bring your minds into captivity to My Spirit so that you are not a breeding ground for evil spirits. The factor of allowing My Spirit to discern between good and evil is very imperative to your development in relationship unto Me. When you are following the mind of My Spirit, you are walking in the light.

However, if you are choosing to follow your own minds, you will find yourselves corrupted by the same. This is because the carnal mind is the enemy of My purpose for you. Reality is that your own understanding is not divine. It is darkened by the impetus of the old nature, whose destiny is death and damnation. I do not call you to death and damnation; I call you to reconciliation and eternal life in Me.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will understand more fully how important it is to keep your minds and your hearts in subjectivity to My Spirit. If you allow your minds to be the breeding ground of demons, you are opposing Me. I do not intend that My people would be so foolish. I intend that they would be wise because they are seeking divine wisdom and are adhering to the same.

Those who have allowed their minds to lead them astray will have no excuse before Me. This is because it is My intention that My people would be subject to Me in all things, as it is in My purpose that they live. My Son Jesus established the pattern. You are to follow in the same and be kept in Me. Thank Me that I am the One who has the perfect prepared for you, and as you are choosing My way, you are kept in My peace.