Multitudes Starving for True Love

I speak to you this day and I say: Hold steadfast to life, and do not give way to the death that is so dominant at this time. There are multitudes who have slipped into the arms of death because they did not hold steadfast to life. Some of them are already dead, and others are slowly waiting to die. Of those who died, the vast majority went to hell because of their sins and failure to repent. Of those who are waiting to die, many of them think of nothing but their own selves and what they want.

It is not My intention that you would be in either category, but that you would remain rejoicing that you are privileged to live. I give you abundance of life that you could testify of My goodness and mercy to others. Realize that because you are redeemed from the bondage of sin, you are brought forth in the way that I have intended, as My Spirit directs you each day.

Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing. Continue as a people who keep their vision upon Me and walk in the way that is glorious. The more that you purpose yourselves to Me, the more that you come to understand how much I desire for you to be in My abundance. It is Me who desires to share that abundance with those whom I love and who love Me.

When you see the desolation of the damned, even if they have great riches according to the world, you are seeing people who are in misery and will spend eternity in even greater misery. This is because their lives are full of the poverty of self-love. Those who are centered upon themselves are centered upon the emptiness that is the consequence of their transgressions. It is their sins that separate them from Me and cause them to dwell in the realms of desolation of soul.

Those who are loving themselves and bowing to the god of self are choosing the covering of spiritual death. If any will love Me, they must forsake the self-life to gain My life, which is the way eternal. As My Son proclaimed, it is absolutely necessary to die to self to gain the life that He came declaring and living among humanity.

As you look closely at the example of My Son, you see that He was completely surrendered to serve rather than be served. He did not come to establish a kingdom here on earth and gain recognition for Himself. He came as a witness and a testimony of the higher-kingdom love that I have prepared for those who will come unto Me. He did not waste time pleading with those who were lovers of self, for they were evidently not needy of the higher-kingdom love. This is because they were in love with themselves.

Consider the absolute loneliness that permeates the lives of those who love only themselves. Such as these cannot experience the kingdom love because their absorption and affection are centered upon themselves. I do not call you to be centered upon yourselves and to live in the loneliness of the same.

You are called and chosen to live in the abundance of life that is found in Me and to represent the higher-kingdom love to a starved and dying world. Know that there are vast numbers of people who are starving for the love that can only come of Me. While they are in such a condition, I hear their cries of desolation and despair. My Spirit is sent to minister to them and to draw them to salvation through Jesus.

Be glad even today that you are members of the divine love family and are not desolate in the loneliness of self-love. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude for the privilege you have to be redeemed from the yoke of bondage to sin. Likewise, your sins are forgiven, and you can and do walk in the newness of life. Do not be as the foolish who, as Lot’s wife, turn back to look at the old life and what was being left behind. She, as you know, turned into a pillar of salt because her motivation was for self.

You are not meant to seek for, nor look to preserve and glorify the old self life. Be aware that the former life was a life of imprisonment to sin and the inevitable damnation that was the consequence of sin. When you are saved through belief in My Son Jesus, you are to be transformed by the same that His life would be the pattern that you adhere to. Do not look back, but keep your vision on what lies ahead and know that absolutely you are to partake of the abundance that I have for you.

Many have misconstrued the meaning of abundant life, representing it as the acquisition of material goods and teaching that gain is godliness. Such are full of greed and lust for the things of this world. Because they are choosing the self-life, they are deeply entrenched in the throes of worldliness and are desolate in the end.

Thank Me that I reveal to you the true abundant life that I have prepared and do give to you each day as you put My desires above your own. As you die to the old life, you gain the new life that I alone do give to you. Therefore, do not follow in the waywardness and desolation of those who are destined to damnation by their choices.

Choose to live each day in the abundance of My life as you lay down your lives to walk My way. It is indeed a blessed and beautiful way that is set before you, full of the higher-kingdom love. I desire My people to bear witness of the kingdom wherein I abide to the starving, dying multitudes who do not know the true love that I give.