The Sacrifice of Jesus

I speak unto you this day and I admonish you to take seriously the gift of salvation you have received. To have your eyes opened to see the necessity of the forgiveness of your sins through My Son Jesus is a work of My Holy Spirit. Therefore, do not be as some who receive mercy, then return to bondage because they want darkness more than light.

Such ones as these are not grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus and prove themselves to be as the dogs who return to their vomit. People such as these are a shame unto Me, and I find no pleasure in them. They are not worthy of the sacrifice of Jesus, as they have no regard nor respect for what He has done in order for them to be redeemed. These are unstable souls who are yielding to the lust of the flesh rather than walking in the counsel of My Spirit. They are full of lust for sin and return to the filthiness of the same to wallow in destruction.

I do not call you to destruction; I call you to the life eternal that is found through the redemption mercies you received through Jesus. Therefore, let it be Him that you look to with expectation and hope. When you keep your eyes on Jesus and follow in His steps, you will not have desire for, nor lust for the sins that had you in slavery. You will be as a slave who rejoices to be free, not encumbered by the absolute misery of slavery to sin.

If you walk in respect of the sacrifice of Jesus, you will see over and over how truly lovely He is. Know that He is one with Me and that He only moves as I give Him the direction. He did not and does not seek for His own way, for He knows of a surety that My way is the Only way that is spotless and undefiled. He is spotless and undefiled, and has conquered the world, the flesh and the devil. He is obedient unto Me, and I desire those of you who truly love Me to be likewise.

When you are cooperating with My Spirit’s commands to you, then you’re guided in the way that I have purposed for you. Do not imagine that I have the way of sin and death in store for My beloved, for I am the God of goodness to all who believe in and respect the sacrifice of Jesus.

There are multitudes who claim that they love My Son, yet their lives reflect that they love themselves, and they are motivated by self-love to return to sin. However, in their return to sin’s bondage, some of them pretend that they are still serving Me. So, they do their deeds of darkness in secret and think that they get by.

The truth is that none gets by on Me, because I see the deeds of all people. Nothing is hidden from Me, and the hypocrites who say they love Me yet live in lies are not deceiving Me. Remember, I am not mocked, and the ones who attempt to live both lives will only deceive themselves, for I am not taken in by their hypocritical actions.

Consider that when Jesus fulfilled His mission on earth, He was strongly opposed the hypocritical leaders who declared what the law said, yet did not obey it themselves. By their disobedience, they proved that they were liars and pretenders. These hypocrites hated Jesus because He exposed their sins. Inasmuch as they loved the darkness of their sinful behaviors, they wanted Him dead.

As He went about doing good, they schemed against Him and sought to have Him put to death. However, He knew who they were and what they were about, and He called them vipers, pretenders, and children of the devil. He knew that they wanted Him dead, as they were forever trying to find a way to get Him destroyed.

These religionists were interested only in their own proud displays and the benefits they received from their positions. Their hearts were full of disputation against Me and therefore they hated My Son. Because of their wickedness, they were hard of heart, and the message of repentance was a great offense to them.

It has never been that I accept the hypocrites who despise the truth and live in lies. Know beyond a doubt that even now I do not accept the hypocrites who act as though they love Me, but inwardly their hearts are full of brawling and disputing with Me. I do not find pleasure in those who are proclaiming they love Me, while their deeds are sinful and their love is for themselves. Such as these are no different than the ones whom Jesus called children of the devil. These ones are literally mockers and scoffers by their actions, which speak louder than their words.

Do not have fellowship with such workers of iniquity. In such contact, you put yourselves in the contamination of their degradation. Be aware that they are a stench and a disgust to Me. They are brawlers who want only to contend against the truth. They refuse to stand for truth, but are always refuting the same inwardly and outwardly. They are a complete misrepresentation of My kingdom and they are far from Me.

Be faithful and true to Me by respecting and honoring the sacrifice of Jesus by the way that you live your lives. When you are literally doing the Word by living in obedience, then you are not locked into self-deception as are the pretenders.

The truth will expose sin and lies. When you are walking in My Spirit, so are sins and lies revealed. My Spirit has been given to guide you into all truth, and truth exposes lies and liars. Therefore, walk in the truth and continue to respect the sacrifice of Jesus as you live in obedience.