Needs, not Greeds

I speak to you this day and I say: Be aware that the enemy forces are continually bombarding your minds. This they do because their desire is to corrupt you and contaminate you with the wickedness that is found in them. I do not call you to be partakers of their wickedness. I call you to be partakers of My righteousness.

Keeping yourselves unspotted means that you do not dwell on the things that the wicked shoot at you to destroy your integrity with Me. Rather, you realize that you must bring your thoughts into subjectivity to My Holy Spirit to discern whether they are good or evil.

Do not allow your minds to be filled with the clutter of worldliness, for the same is contaminating and destructive to My purposes and intentions for you. Do not be overwhelmed by concern for what you will eat or what you will wear, for I know that you have need of those things and I provide for you.

Be glad that through My power and glory you are able to rejoice, for I give you exactly what you have need of as I purpose you to be partaking of those divine treasures I have for the faithful. Realize that your times are in My hands and that I intend for you to live long and bear much fruit in Me, for I am your source and resource.

You are living in times of fatal mind bombardment, as the workers of darkness are causing many to become paralyzed by fear. Multitudes do not realize how much the enemies will seek to devour and destroy them by overwhelming their minds day after day. Consider how many are fearful and by the same anxious over everything. These are found living in dread and depression because of the covering of fear that is over their minds.

As My people, you are not intended to be filled with fear. You are intended to be filled with the abundance of love that I give to you, and kept in My Spirit each day. When it is Me that you look to, you are directed in the abundance of goodness and given tender mercies. Because I am your Father, I know what you have need of, as I give to you each day. If you really stop and reflect upon your lives, you will see that you are privileged to be kept in the peace that I provide. My peace surpasses understanding and is ever present to all who are reliant upon Me.

There are many in these times who are separated from Me, because they have gone after other gods, taking up the ways of the heathen. In the deceptions over their minds, they sought to find protection and provision in the same. However, they do not find what they imagined, because the demonic forces are under the command of the father of lies, the devil.

Those who accept the fiery darts that are aimed at them and do not resist such will find themselves terribly troubled day after day. This is because they are poisoned, and that poison is killing them. Be alert and actively resisting such as would come at you to devastate and destroy you. I do not intend that you would accept the input of demons. I expect you to resist, refute and refuse the same.

It is Me the Living God that you are called to serve each day with gladness. Through My Spirit, you are enabled to ascend into the realms of glory that I provide. When you are in the ascended realms wherein I abide, you will see how much higher and greater My kingdom is. Likewise, you will see that I reign and rule supreme because I am the Almighty God, the Eternal.

Therefore, do not be subject to the powers of men and women in the sense that you believe them to be the ultimate. They are not. Such will come and go and be remembered no more. As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, cover your minds in the helmet of salvation. Then, you are not open to the thoughts of wickedness that are aimed at your minds. When you keep on your helmets, you are not vulnerable to every evil and fearful thought that would want to take hold of your minds. Such enemies know that if they can control your minds, they can likewise motivate and control your actions.

My people are not meant to be vessels of dishonor. They are meant to live their lives in such a way as to honor Me as their Maker, their Creator. Therefore, when you see how many there are who are crippled by their thoughts and unable to move with My Spirit because they are in subjectivity to fear, reject such fears. I have not intended that My people would be ruled by fear, for they are meant to walk in faith and trust in Me.

As you are turning from the invitation to sin, you are being guided in a plain path and are enabled to know that My way is the way that is life eternal. How much more there is to life, even here on this earth, than most people will ever know. They are found ensnared, entangled, and involved in the cares of this life, which are basically the offspring of fear.

Know that through My Spirit you are guided and directed, and able to receive with joy all that is prepared for you. Yes, I know that you have basic needs, and I will give to you the same when you put Me first. Adam and Eve had every need provided for by Me. It was sin that brought them under the curse. Do not sin and be cursed, but look to Me, as I will provide your basic needs and in the same you can be satisfied.

Too many of My people are not satisfied with what I give because they are motivated by greed for the things of the world. Be thankful, for I supply your needs, not your greeds.