Are You Slaves or Sheep?

I speak unto you this day and I remind you that you are My sheep and it is Me that you are meant to follow. You are not meant to follow any other, for I am the One who does care for you. Keep yourselves ever attentive, for it is My intention that you would be brought forth in the excellence of My life. Do not be enticed by those who are calling to you to come their way, which is the way to destruction.

You are My sheep and you know My voice. It is Me who rules over you and guides you. I am the One who makes you to lie down in green pastures and to drink of the still waters. I know your every need, and I direct you in the way that I have intended for you. Therefore, in this wicked, perverse, vile and corrupt generation, realize that there are many false Christs. These deadly pretenders are attempting to lure My sheep away from Me.

Know of a surety that the multitudes will follow in the way that is destruction and damnation of their souls because they do not know My voice. More often than not, these ones are foolish children and prefer sin to righteousness. My sheep, however, are called to be kept, not destroyed, and they are of course shown tender mercies time and again.

As My sheep, be content, knowing that I am caring for you and guiding you forth by a plain path. Do not think that I have abandoned you. I have not. Each day, you can be assured that My mercies are new to you every morning and that you are not left to the cruelty of the world. Because of the element of pride that covers the world, multitudes are estranged from Me and not desirous of My way. Consequently, they suffer the cruelty of their choices, as they are estranged from Me by their sins.

If only people would realize how important it is that they choose Me! However, because their hearts are hardened against Me, they go forth in ugly darkness and damning sins. They have become goats and go in their own ways rather than remaining with My flock. As goats, they are herded down to death and likewise destroyed.

I have ordained that My people would be as sheep who follow their shepherd and know who he is. You are My sheep, and you will be kept in My safety as you listen to My voice and walk in the way that I ordain for you. Be glad that you are strengthened as you walk in obedience. Through obedience, your minds are made clear enough to hear My Spirit when He speaks to you. The commands He gives to you are to keep you from snares and entanglements meant for your harm. There is no reason to be stubborn or disrespectful towards divine directives and by the same reap in sorrows.

When you hear the commands that are given to you, realize that they are purposed for you to obey and be kept in the flock. As sheep, you are not made to be deviated from the fold and wander off alone. By obedience to the commands given, each sheep is kept in safety and security, for the true shepherd will lay down his life for the sheep.

In these darkened times, there are men and women who are posing themselves as caring for My people, but they are not. They act as though they have their good in mind, when really they are only using My people for their own gain. Such ones as these are false shepherds who have lured many who were not alert away from My protection and into the danger zone. I do not want you to follow in the folly of fools, for they are dumb and stupid.

When the ones who are enticed away from Me face their realities, they will see that their spiritual laziness and lust for the world are the forces that have motivated their choices against Me. Of such ones, there are some who will repent and return to Me, while there are others who will keep on in the course of death and damnation.

Be glad that you can serve Me with the attitude of gratitude, not murmuring nor complaining against the commands that you are given. Perceive how many are wandering in mindless stupidities and being taken down into destruction by their own desires and lusts. Unclean desire and lust are not meant to be controlling My people, and the ones who have been ensnared by the same are meant to repent and return.

Know that I the Living God do leave the door of repentance open to any and all who will choose to walk through the same. However, once death comes, that door is closed, and there is no salvation from damnation. It is only the fools who put off returning to Me in true repentance. Because they are covered in the stubbornness of sin, they are reluctant to abandon the same. As they procrastinate, putting off repentance, they come to the end of their days and are damned forever.

You are My sheep and are not intended to follow any other. Therefore, do not choose in opposition to Me. Be choosing My directives, for they are divinely given that you are found well pleasing unto Me. It is not intended that My sheep end up in the pile of the twice dead, waiting to be burned. It is intended that My people, as My sheep, would be guided, commanded, protected and provided for because they are Mine.

Rejoice that you are not in the cruel captivity of other masters who have nothing but evil in their intentions. It is Me who has freed you from the devil’s domain and given you newness of life. When you are found in that life, you are found in the enduring and everlasting way I give to you.