Called to Follow Jesus

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Remember you are called to follow, that is, you are to wait upon Me and follow the counsel the Holy Spirit speaks to you in order that you be kept by Me. Do not think for one moment that you know more than you know. Realize that to follow means that you are being led by the Spirit in the way that I intend and ordain for you. Therefore, continue to follow in the steps of My Son.

There are multitudes in these times who are following spirits of falsehood, vanity and deception. In so doing, they have taken themselves out of My way and gone in the way of fools. I do not intend for any to go in the way of fools and be led by demonic spirits that take them to destruction and the damnation of their souls. Those who are choosing death above My life are choosing the course that will prove to be their destruction and damnation.

Everyone is led by something or someone, even those who imagine that they are leading themselves. This is because such ones are led by spirits of independence, and those spirits lead them into ditches, mires, and sucking sands of sin. While they imagine themselves as independent, they are being led astray, far from My way.

The ones who are desiring to be led by Me will be led forth in the way of My mercy and goodness. By My Spirit, they are shown the straight and narrow way that I have prepared for them. If they are eager to please Me, they will gladly cast off the sins that try to beset them and take them in the course of damnation.

My people are not called to follow deceiving spirits that take them down the way of despair and emptiness. My people are called to walk uprightly in Me, following My Spirit with gladness. It is not a shame to follow Me as My Spirit leads you, because My kingdom is majestic as well as high and holy, and I desire for you to be found in the same, made glad that you are indeed privileged to serve Me.

Consider the multitudes who are dying daily because of who and what they follow. They are followers of folly. They’re choosing to follow deception rather than the truth. When you are privileged to be led by My Spirit in the way that is truth, let it be with the attitude of gratitude that you serve and obey Me. Do not be as the ones who are stubborn and proud, ever wanting their own way rather than My way.

Each day, make it your choice to follow Me, not turning back, nor looking to the world and thinking there is something there. You are not called to have your eyes upon the heathen; you are called to keep your vision ever upon Me. Do not allow an independent spirit to lure you off into a thicket or down into a deep canyon wherein you become trapped. Rather, resist those spirits that would pose themselves as My Spirit and take you away from My fold. As My sheep, you are meant to remain under the guidance of the Great Shepherd and be kept with the flock.

Those led away from My fold by deceiving spirits will imagine that they have a “great call” and in the same they will forsake the fellowship that I intend for them. Others who are led by independent spirits will believe that they are saviors, redeemers, yet they cannot stand to follow. Realize that My Son Jesus was not independent of Me, but He followed and still follows Me. Pattern yourselves after My Son, and be in continual fellowship with those that I have ordained for you to walk with.

There are many in these times who have built what appear to be expansive and expensive works. However, their works are in vain, for they are not laboring for Me. Rather, they are laboring under the drive of ambition and worldly desire to be recognized and well spoken of.

Sad to say, there are far fewer those who are choosing to follow My Spirit than there are those who are independent and worldly minded. To be worldly minded is to be separated from Me. The worldly mind will convince you to take things into your own hands and not follow My Spirit. This mind is proud, haughty, and angry at Me. Those who are under such a mindset are always tired of My Spirit’s guidance, because they are not receiving recognition and approval by the world.

Do not seek for the approval of the world, nor to go in the ways of those who are deceived. You are called to follow in the steps of My Son, not seeking for any other way, nor any other force. Thank Me even now that I am the One who gives to you the path. Walk therein and you are kept in the safety and security of My Spirit’s commands to you.

In these times of gross darkness and decay, multitudes are rotting because they are following deceiving spirits. They are choosing to pursue evil rather than good. By their own choices, they are being taken into the absolute tragedy of their own way.

I do not intend for you to be in the company of such and devastated by following their examples. Each day, choose for My way, and you will see over and over that in so doing you are not spending your days in revenge. Do not think that you must fight your own battles, for in the same you lose, as bitterness and revenge will become your task masters.

Vengeance is Mine, and I will give to the wicked what they deserve for their evil doings. Realize that there are ways that seem right to men, but such ways are not following My Son.